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BumbleBee Brunch Indie Playlist: April 5th, 2024

Updated: Apr 7

Kristen Eck's April 5th, 2024 BumbleBee Brunch Indie Playlist

HOUR ONE: Shriekback - Black Light Trap (1986) Seven Red Lions - Alone (2024) Mansun - Wide Open Space (1997) Second Language - Souvenirs (2024) The Shirts And Shoes - Drear (2024) Men At Work - Catch A Star (1981) The Trusted - Self Destruct (2024) Coral Moons - Shrooms (2024) Dishwalla - Charlie Brown's Parents (1995) Beebe Gallini - She Hulk (2024) Nervous Eaters - Knockdown Day (2024) The Creatures - Fury Eyes (1989) Satch Kearns - Chantel (2024) Holly Brewer - DAYMARE (2024) Spoon - I Turn My Camera On (2005) HOUR TWO: Pink Floyd - Lucifer Sam (1967) The Fantastic Fellinis - Crown Prince Of Insanity (2024) The Dandy Warhols - We Used To Be Friends (2003) Shy Blossom - Don't Call Me (2024) Violet Nox - Varda (J Baggist Remix) (2024) Grant Lee Buffalo - Truly Truly (1998) Fast Eddy - Steppin' Stone (2024) Speedfossil - IRL (2024) Lyres - Help You Ann (1984) Peter Gabriel - Digging In The Dirt (1992) Swansea Sound - Markin' It Down (2023) Airport - Gravity Shoes (2022) Levitation - It's Time (1991)

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