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BumbleBee Radio Favoritee-50: 12/30/2022

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Another year is drawing to a close and Friday was a celebration of some of our favorite tunes of 2022 on The Bee. In thinking about how many new songs I add to the station each week, I realized I add, on-average over 700 new songs per year to the format on BumbleBee Radio. That makes choosing 50 favorites a pretty tough task. Every song on the station is a song I like or love. I don't play any songs I don't like. I don't have to (that's the beauty of not answering to anyone else.) The year 2022 saw lots of progress here on BumbleBee and as the station approaches its third anniversary in April of 2023 I am looking forward to adding new features and programs to the station. I've had a new evening-show idea that I've been slowly working-on over the past several months. Hoping to have that ready for Spring along with the first-ever remote broadcast of BumbleBee Brunch. Stay-tuned for more details on that! As always, I appreciate you stopping-by and listening to tunes with me. Have a wonderful New Year's Eve/Day and I'll see you in 2023! -Kristen Eck

10:00 AM: Show begins... #1 Song of 2021 The Shang Hi Los - Stay

All songs are 2022 releases unless otherwise noted... #50 Goat - Do The Dance #49 The Tear Downs - Piggy #48 RoseR - Little Stitches #47 Eddie Japan - Walk Away #46 The Tapples - Streets In The Evening #45 Ex-Hyena - Tremors #44 The Endorphins - Myopic Dystopia #43 The Nervous Eaters - Wild Eyes #42 Paper Tigers - Portrait Of A Scene #41 Alpha Cat - Orbit #40 Violet Nox - Eris #39 Spotted Owls - How Does it Fly? #38 Linnea's Garden - Rat Ppl #37 First Aid Kit - Angel #36 Stars Like Ours - Love In A Parking Lot #35 The Gypsy Moths - Slow Healer #34 The Daylilies - New Moon #33 Little Billy Lost - Whiskey Pointe

FLASHBACK: The Atlantics - Lonelyhearts (1980)

#32 Evil Felipe - Summer Rain #31 Muck And The Mires - Beat Revolution #30 Tamar Berk - Your Permission #29 Speedfossil - Livin' The Dream #28 Sunflower Bean - Who Put You Up To This? #27 Sunshine Riot - Just Say So #26 Viva Gina - Like A Unicorn

#25 Bird Language - First Date #24 Regina Spektor - Up The Mountain #23 Kristian Montgomery & The Winterkill Band - Submit To My Transmission #22 Key Of Caustic - To Fade Away #21 Senseless Optimism - Done #20 Field Day - Dandelion #19 The Dogmatics - Drop That Needle #18 Beck Black - Gotta Get Back To My Baby #17 Motel Black - Morning Hum #16 Cold Expectations - Hey Compromise #15 Ruin The Nite - Fire Away #14 The Chelsea Curve - Top It Up #13 The Orielles - The Room #12 Spoon - Feels Alright #11 Gretchen Shae & The Middle Eight - Skeleton Closet

FLASHBACK: Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (1985)

#10 Smitt E. Smitty & The Feztones - Buzzkill Baby #9 Push Puppets - Sometimes The Buds Never Flower #8 Jill McCracken - Help Me, Hold Me, Heal Me #7 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Burning #6 Little Fuss - Girls At Parties #5 Erica Mantone - Again #4 The Shang Hi Los - Billy #3 Susan Cattaneo - All Is Quiet #2 Wet Leg - Chaise Longue #1 JATK - Easy To Kill SHOW CLOSE: Yard Act - 100% Endurance

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Don't forget that the BumbleBee Radio APP for Android is now available for FREE in the Google Play Store! As always thank you for listening! -Kristen



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