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BumbleBee Brunch Playlist: December 1st, 2023

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Here we are on the precipice of Winter. Hanukkah is under a week away and Christmas draws closer by the day. I'm already halfway thru my first jar of pickled herring, which us Swedes eat like crazy right up until Christmas (or until we get sick. Whichever comes first.) Friday's edition of BumbleBee Brunch relaunched the station's collection of Holiday and Winter themed music. The holiday library grows each year. In 2022 we added new tunes from Beebe Gallini and Cold Expectations (among others) and this year we welcome fresh new songs from The Amplifier Heads featuring Jen D'Angora and ROJOR. Stay tuned throughout the month as we add even more NEW holiday tunes. While we do have some covers of traditional holiday songs in the library I tend to focus on original indie and alternative creations. I don't need to rehash what you hear in the supermarket over and over again. That's not what BumbleBee Radio does the rest of the year, so why do anything differently in December? The Bee is an out-of-the-ordinary station for out-of-the-ordinary people. Think of us as an Island of Misfit Toys for music.

The Beebe Gallini holiday song heard on Friday's Brunch is available on a 31-track end of the year compilation from Boston's Rum Bar Records. "The Nice Price" year-end sampler is available for FREE on Bandcamp and includes many of our favorite artists on BumbleBee including Eddie Japan, Stars Like Ours, Girl With A Hawk, Matweeds, Mozzy Dee, The Gypsy Moths, Danny The K, and many more! These artists have poured their hearts and souls into doing what they love all year long. They'd be over the moon for you to hear what they have created!

What an absolutely wonderful time was had last Sunday at the Rock Garden Records Revolution Music Showcase celebrating the 55th Anniversary of The Beatles "White Album." Brighton Music Hall came alive with music from BumbleBee Radio artists Little Billy Lost, The False Positives, Crow Follow, Smitt E. Smitty & The Fezztones, Holy Smoke, and John Powhida (among many other fun acts.) There are few things I like better than discovering a new artist I didn't know about and Sunday's show introduced me to Northern New England act Fifth Freedom. Billing themselves as from the backwoods of New Hampshire and Maine, these guys need to get out of the woods and down to Boston more often. They absolutely blew the doors off Brighton Music Hall! Front man/guitarist Alan Jones has a kinetic stage energy that reminds me of Cage The Elephant's Matt Shultz. Simply on-fire. Fifth Freedom's new single "Lazy" is out now on Rock Garden Records and was added to Heavy Rotation on The Bee during the Friday Bunch show!

So much new music that I LOVE has found its way to me over the span of 2023, but one artist who has rocketed to favorite-status with me this year has been Boston's John Powhida. His singles "Knoxville" and "Bring Me The Wings (Of The Mephadrone Queens)" have both been #1 songs in the BumbleBee Radio Top-10 on Radio Indie Alliance. John is working on a solo LP entitled "Jerry's House," which we will hopefully see in 2024. "Idling" is the newest single from the forthcoming album and is the the first to be released on Rock Garden Records. I will admit I teared-up a bit the first time I heard the song. I cannot wait to hear the entire album. It's going to be fantastic! Here is the full playlist for the Friday 12/1/2023 program... 🎄☃️ = Holiday/Winter Song

HOUR ONE: Veruca Salt - Volcano Girls (1997)

The Tearaways - Easier Done Than Said (2023) R.E.M. - Gardening At Night (Different Vocal Mix) (1988) Beebe Gallini - You Aint Getting Nothing (2022) 🎄 Shiverlane - Aeroplane Driver (2023) Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (1991) LTBeam - Doctor Doctor (2023) Fifth Freedom - Lazy (2023) Killing Joke - Love Like Blood (1985) The Staves - All Now (2023) Sleaford Mods - West End Girls (2023) The Jam - Town Called Malice (1982) Cold Expectations - A Coat Of Snow (2023) ☃️ RoseR - Locals (2022) HOUR TWO: Squeeze - Cool For Cats (1979) The Amplifier Heads featuring Jen D'Angora - Something Went Down (2023) 🎄 Whirling Dervishes - You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch (1992) ☃️ English Teacher - Mastermind Specialism (2023) Little Billy Lost - SHOUT! (2023)

Propellerheads - History Repeating (Ft. Shirley Bassey) (1998)

Miss Machina - Talk (2023) Lovina Falls - Back Of My Heart (2023)

Soho - Hippy Chick (1990) The Pogues - Dirty Old Town (1989) John Powhida - Idling (2023) The Killers - Tranquilize (Ft. Lou Reed) (2007) ROJOR - Deeper Snow (2023) 🎄 Divinyls - Pleasure And Pain (1985) Laura Marling - Held Down (2020)

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