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BumbleBee Brunch Playlist: January 26th, 2024


The Cure - Just Like Heaven (1987) Sleater-Kinney - Say It Like You Mean It (2024) Dream Warriors - My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style (1991) Lester - I Want It (2000) Eville - Messy (2024) Happy Mondays - Step On (1990) Pillow Queens - Gone (2024) The Gypsy Moths - A Six Man Bicycle (2023) Mission Of Burma - Academy Fight Song (1981) Eliza & The Organix - No Contact (2024) The New Bardots - Little Left Behind (2024) Bon Iver - Calgary (2011) Porij - My Only Love (2024) Flight Attendant - Second Chances (2024) Guadalcanal Diary - Always Saturday (1989) HOUR TWO: The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning (1967) The Nervous Eaters - Why You Tell'n Me Now (2024) The Replacements - I WIll Dare (1984) The Staves - I Don't Say It But I Feel It (2024) Elbow - Lover's Leap (2024) The Atlantics - Lonelyhearts (1980) Lola Balter - I Don't Even Think About You Anymore (2024) Sorry Ma! - Albatross (Stranger) (2024) DNA Ft. Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (1990) The Master Plan - BBQ (2023) The Panhead Sharps - What Have I Become? (2024) The Cardigans - Lovefool (1996) DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World (1996) Face To Face - 10-9-8 (1984)

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