MiXeD-Up MeMoRiEs: 7/25/2019

It's getting late in the month but I still have a couple albums with big anniversaries to chat with you about before July comes to an end. Most people my age are familiar with the Beastie Boys' blockbuster 1986 debut, “Licensed To Ill” and the hits that came with it… "Fight for Your Right to Party?" "Brass Monkey?" But I want to talk about their second record...

Walking away from producer, Rick Rubin and a formula that produced a Platinum album, the trio hooked-up with L.A. musician/producers, the Dust Brothers (E.Z. Mike & King Gizmo,) intent on creating something different. What resulted was a record built-around a dense tapestry of music-samples and new rhymes from Mike D, Ad-Rock, and MCA.

Despite poor support from their new label, Capitol, the record did initially go Gold and then Double-Platinum over 10-years as critics hailed it, a ground-breaking work in hip-hop and sampling. It also transformed the boys from one-hit-wonders of Top-40 to the darlings of Alternative radio.

Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique album cover
Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique album cover

That album is “Paul’s Boutique” and it’s 30-years-old this week! Let’s celebrate with “Shake Your Rump.” It’s waiting for you now on the Mixed-Up Memories playlist. Happy listening! -Kristen



ALBUM: Paul's Boutique

LABEL: Capitol Records

RELEASE DATE: 7/25/1989

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