Mixed Up Memories: 6/1/2019

Welcome to June! I need to get back-on-track with the Mixed Up Memories playlist, so let's get to that now! There is one May album I want to include moving forward from Ian Dury & The Blockheads.

Ian Dury & The Blockheads

You may know them from the tune, “Sex and Drugs and Rock & Roll.” I didn’t really catch-on until my high school journalism teacher Mick Carlon put their other big British single, “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick,” on the classroom record player… And told us to write a review!

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Do It Yourself

That single was followed by Ian Dury’s 2nd album, “Do It Yourself” in 1979. It just turned 40-years-old last month and I’m going with the first track off the record: “Inbetweenies.”

Psychedelics Furs - Talk Talk Talk

The Psychedelic Furs released their 2nd LP, “Talk Talk Talk” on June 6th of 1981. It spawned no U.S. singles at the time, but contained a song that inspired the title of an 80’s film by John Hughes. When the song was released on the soundtrack of that 1986 cult-classic, it finally reached American ears. It’s “Pretty In Pink” and it’s waiting for you now on the Mixed-Up Memories playlist. Happy listening! -Kristen



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