Knock Knock: New Music! 8/15/2019

Over the past few years, rumours have been swirling about a new album from Tool.

We've been teased with bits & pieces of news, random images from recording studios on social media, and not entirely commital-remarks from band-members in interviews regarding a possible new record. The wait is finally over!

13-years after the release of “10,000 Days,” we have word of their 5th studio LP, “Fear Inoculum.” It’s out on August 30th on RCA Records and here’s what we know: It has seven tracks, all rumoured to be at least 10-minutes long with a total playing time of 85-minutes. There are an additional three bonus tracks available on digital copies and via download card with the physical editions.

Pre-orders of a special-edition CD have already been shut-off due to overwhelming demand. There’s no word on a standard CD and vinyl release date as of yet. But here’s something huge, while we wait: The entire back-catalog and eventually the new album have been released to Spotify and other streaming services. SO let’s hear the title-track: “Fear Inoculum.” It’s waiting for you now on the Knock Knock: New Music playlist.

Happy listening! -Kristen



ALBUM: Fear Inoculum

RELEASE DATE: 8/30/2019

LABEL: RCA Records

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