Knock Knock: New Music! 5/18/2019

Happy weekend! Today I have a great new tune to share with you from Apparat. That’s the performance name of German artist Sascha Ring. Based out of Berlin, he sings and plays synthesizer, keyboards, guitar, and drums.

Sascha Ring as Apparat. Photo by Franz Grünewald.
Sascha Ring as Apparat. Photo by Franz Grünewald.

He focuses on electronic and I-D-M… That stands for “Intelligent Dance Music.” IDM is not necessarily music you dance to, but more like music you’d soak-up in a really good set of headphones (I listen on a set of Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones.) Since his debut in 2001, Ring has drifted away from techno toward more ambient and experimental sounds. He’s released five studio-albums as Apparat, but has also collaborated with German electronic duo, Modeselektor on three albums under the collective name of Moderat.

“LP5” is the new record from Apparat, out now on Mute Records. You can order it on CD and standard black vinyl... Or if you hunt-around at some of your favorite independent record-shops you can nab a copy on pink-vinyl, like the one I had shipped-over from London.

This has become another often-played album of 2019 for me and this is one of my favorite songs from the record. It's called "Dawan" and it's waiting for you now on the Knock Knock: New Music playlist. Happy listening! -Kristen




RELEASE DATE: 3/22/2019

LABEL: Mute Records

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