Knock Knock: New Music! 3/15/2020

Life changed dramatically over the course of last week. We’re suddenly living in some challenging times that demand we alter the way we live our lives. Going to the cinema or concerts is out, there are no sports to watch on TV, and going to the supermarket looks like something out of a disaster movie. But even when things look tough, nothing brightens my mood more than music. Hopefully sharing with you with help your outlook and well-being as well. Music to the rescue. Let’s have a look at a couple new tunes...


Canadian Indie-Pop artist Grimes is out with her 5th studio LP, “Miss Anthropocene” on the 4AD label. She says there were so many dense layers of production & effects that the record was nearly impossible to master in post-production. This tune will also be featured in the video game “Cyberpunk 2077.” It’s called “4ÆM.”

Grimes - Miss Anthropocene on clear pink vinyl.
Grimes - Miss Anthropocene on clear pink vinyl.

We haven’t heard anything from Leesburg, Virginia’s Will Toledo (better known as Car Seat Headrest,) since the 2018 re-imagining of his “Twin Fantasy” LP. That is about to change. “Making A Door Less Open” is out May 1st on Matador and features his first new music since 2016.

Car Seat Headrest
Car Seat Headrest

Two recordings of the album were made: A live band version and one entirely thru synthesizers and MIDI. Toledo then drew from both recordings to create the finished product. Have a listen to the song, “Can’t Cool Me Down.” It’s waiting for you now on the Knock Knock: New Music playlist. Stay safe. Happy listening! -Kristen



ARTIST: Grimes

ALBUM: Miss Anthropocene

RELEASE DATE: 2/212020


ARTIST: Car Seat Headrest

ALBUM: Making A Door Less Open

RELEASE DATE: 5/1/2020

LABEL: Matador

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