Knock Knock: New Music! 2/8/2020

Welcome to the month of February here on Knock Knock: New Music! Denver husband & wife duo Tennis are about to release their 5th LP, “Swimmer” on February 14th on Mutually Detrimental.

Alaina Moore & Patrick Riley of Tennis
Alaina Moore & Patrick Riley of Tennis

It chronicles a challenging stretch for the band including lead-singer Alaina Moore collapsing in a supermarket and waking-up screaming thinking she had died. I loved their previous record, “Yours Conditionally” (it made my Top-10 albums of 2017) and am looking forward to seeing them live at Royale in Boston on April 25th. Check-out the tune, “Need Your Love.”

Hailing from London, producer/multi-instrumentalists Simeon Jones and Nathanael Williams form The Colours That Rise. They whip-up helpings of jazz, psychedelia, and other genres riding a cosmic-wave through your headphones.

The Colours That Rise
The Colours That Rise

Their debut EP, “2020” came out in 2017. Their first LP, “Information Album” is rumored for sometime in 2020 on the Rhythm Section label. From the band: “Expect 70’s funk, hip-hop and lo-fi electronic jams through a disjointed world of broken tape machines and conspiracy theories.” I’m on-board for that! In the meantime check-out their new single, “Home Time.” Happy listening! -Kristen



ARTIST: Tennis

ALBUM: Swimmer

RELEASE DATE: 2/14/2020

LABEL: Mutually Detrimental

ARTIST: The Colours That Rise

ALBUM: Information Album


LABEL: Rhythm Section

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