Knock Knock: New Music! 2/29/2020

Happy Leap Day and welcome back to Knock Knock: New Music! Every now and then I’m late to the party on something really cool and that’s definitely the case with Boston

Art-Rock artist Bent Knee. Let me use this extra day in February to catch-up! “Art Rock,” is an easy way of saying this six-piece band born in 2009 at Berklee College of Music is difficult to categorize and that usually gets my attention in a hurry. I love something that challenges my ears. What they do with sounds & ideas from the worlds of Prog-Rock, Industrial, Pop, and beyond is holding me like a moth that stumbled into a strobe light.

Boston band Bent Knee appears 4/4/2020 at Brighton Music Hall in Boston!

They weave these varied genres together underneath the stunningly powerful voice of keyboardist and lead singer, Courtney Swain. “You Know What They Mean” is their fifth LP, out last Fall on Inside Out Music. Bent Knee launches a tour this Spring that stops at Brighton Music Hall in Boston on April 4th. I have my tickets already! Check-out the tune, “Hold Me In.”

Radiohead's Ed O'Brien releases his solo-debut LP on 4/17/2020!

Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien never thought he would make a solo album, but when he took his family to live at the edge of a Brazilian rain forest for a year, a light switched-on and musical ideas began flooding-in. What resulted was his debut solo-LP (under the name EOB,) entitled “Earth.” It’s out April 17th on Capitol Records and features contributions from Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood, Portishead’s Adrian Utley, and Laura Marling to name a few. His tour checks-into Royale in Boston on June 4th and I have my tickets for that as well! Have a listen to the song, “Shangri-La.” It’s waiting for you now on the Knock Knock: New Music playlist. Happy listening! -Kristen



ARTIST: Bent Knee

ALBUM: You Know What They Mean

RELEASE DATE: 10/11/2019

LABEL: Inside Out Music

ARTIST: EOB (Ed O'Brien)

ALBUM: Earth

RELEASE DATE: 4/17/2020

LABEL: Capitol Records

#BentKnee #YouKnowWhatTheyMean #EdOBrien #EOB #Earth #IndieMusic

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