Knock Knock: New Music! 2/26/2018

Welcome to a new week and another edition of Knock Knock: New Music! Lots of stuff going on in music history this week... 45-RPM records reached a new milestone, as did CD-Players, and the very first commercial FM radio station went on-the-air as well. We found-out about things that go to "11" and how difficult life-in-a-band can be when your drummer keeps spontaneously combusting. Also this week, we celebrate some big birthdays in music including Lou Reed,

Johnny Cash, and Robyn Hitchcock, but FIRST let's get to some NEW music!

Back on Saturday in the very first edition of the Breakfast Bytes blog, I talked about the new album from New York City Post-Punk/New-Wave band, Public Access TV. I spent the rest of the weekend listening to their just-released sophmore effort entitled, "Street Safari" over and over again and had to include them today as a featured-artist!. This record is packed with great songs! Check-out the official music video for the tune, "Lost In The Game," which has some strong 1970's pop-flavor to it!

I would also like to draw your attention to this new track from London composer / producer / songwriter, Wilma Archer. His last album, "Company" was released in 2015, when he was performing under the name, "Slime." He took some time-off from working on his own stuff to write music for other artists, but he's back with two new songs of his own. His new track, "Scarecrow" caught my attention very quickly, at first, as I mistakenly thought I was hearing a cover of Frank Zappa's 1974 song, "Black Napkins." Of course, I was wrong and I couldn't be happier about it, as this song is so much more mesmerizing! Featuring a number of movements that allow different instruments to take the lead, this jazz-inspired track left me spellbound. Watch the official video and see if you agree... If you love music, I think that you will!

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me again! If you like what's going-on here, tell your friends about it, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and add to your list of favorites. See you again soon!

- Kristen =)

Kristen Eck - Knock Knock: New Music! 2/26/2018

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