Knock Knock: New Music! 1/24/2019

Hi there! Welcome to the first edition of Knock Knock: New Music for 2020! I was a bit exhausted after the two big music countdowns we did in December, so I've been kicking back and immersing myself in new music to start the new year. But I'm ready to go again and today I have TWO great new songs to share with you!

Liverpool indie-outfit, The Orielles have been on my radar since they released their 2017 single “Sugar Tastes Like Salt.” Their second LP, “Disco Volador” (Spanish for "Flying Disc," I’m told… I forgot most of my high school Spanish other than how to order fish-with-cheese and then ask where the bathroom is) drops on February 28th on Heavenly Recordings.

The Orielles. Photo by Hollie Fernando.
The Orielles. Photo by Hollie Fernando.

The band is working off a bunch of concepts and energy (from touring the first album) on the new record… As they put it: “Boogie to space. Space to boogie.” Cosmic travel is part of it, but what dead-space adds to a song is also in the mix, along with "...unleashing tension with esoteric delay-pedal-fuckery." They said that… Not me. But I like it. I like this even more: Have a listen to the tune, “Come Down On Jupiter.”

Tame Impala. Photo by Matt Sav.
Tame Impala. Photo by Matt Sav.

Just because Sydney, Australia’s Kevin Parker hasn’t a released a follow-up to his 2015 Tame Impala album, “Currents” doesn’t mean he isn’t trying. These things take time, but behold! The long-awaited fourth LP, “The Slow Rush” arrives on Valentines Day on Interscope, giving you a perfectly wonderful thing to throw on your headphones with a lobster roll & a bottle of Reisling if you don’t end with a date this year (I'll give you one guess who is likely going that route...) Check out the track, “Lost In Yesterday.” Happy listening! -Kristen



ARTIST: The Orielles

ALBUM: Disco Volador

RELEASE DATE: 2/28/2020

LABEL: Heavenly Recordings

ARTIST: Tame Impala

ALBUM: The Slow Rush

RELEASE DATE: 2/14/2020

LABEL: Interscope

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