BumbleBee Radio Welcomes Boston Emissions With Anngelle Wood!

On last Friday's edition of BumbleBee Brunch I said that if you love hearing new music from the Boston and New England area, then I had a big surprise for you on Monday. Well here it is... At 2:00 Monday afternoon we began a weekly re-broadcast of Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood! For those of you who don't know Anngelle (seems almost crazy to me that anyone who loves music and lives around here wouldn't know who she is,) she is a fierce and tireless supporter of music, the artists who make it, and the dedicated (but endangered) venues that host it here in this region.

Today marked Anngelle's 12th Anniversary as host of Boston Emissions, a local music radio show that dates way back to the golden days of legendary Boston rock station, WBCN. She is also the music director and producer of the also legendary Rock & Roll Rumble band competitions, hosted in recent years by ONCE nightclub in Somerville, MA. In addition to WBCN, Anngelle has graced the airwaves of WFNX and WZLX in the past.

New episodes of Boston Emissions debut typically on Fridays on her website and I am beyond delighted to re-broadcast each episode here on BumbleBee Radio the following Monday at 2:00 PM! Many of the Boston-area artists you hear on BumbleBee Radio were discovered on Anngelle's show. It's absolutely worth your time and I'm happy to be helping it reach some new listeners. Musicians, independent recording studios, and local music venues were already facing a stiff uphill challenge in the modern entertainment environment before Covid-19 had even arrived. Now that it has, the situation has become dire. It's up to all of us who love and cherish good music to stick together and help each other as much as possible. Welcome to BumbleBee Radio, Anngelle! I'm ecstatic to stand with you in support of local music!

In the judges' room for the 2019 Rock & Roll Rumble.

Here is the playlist for the 10/16/2020 edition of Boston Emissions, re-aired on BumbleBee Radio on Monday 10/19/2020. All artist links go directly to their respective Bandcamp pages. Remember, the next Bandcamp Friday is right around the corner on Friday, November 6th, 2020. Bandcamp waives their usual fee and artists keep 100% of what they sell that day. Great idea!

Stars Like Ours – Everyday

Weakened Friends – Good Friend

Eliza and the Organix – Road Home

Phil Cambra and the Space Cadets – Expectations

Will Dailey – Ultimate Companion (with Tanya Donelly)

Airport – Ponderosa Pines

The Pull of Autumn – No Romance

This Body Is All I Have In This World – I Want You Too

Marfire - Bittersweet Legacy

The Vital Might – Run Away

Speedfossil – Count Me Out

Songs of the Week: 5) The Shang Hi Los – Swing Little Player

4) The Freqs – Milestone

3) StrangeColorSky – Glass

2) RoseR – Rot

1) Radio Compass – Run With You

Cave In – Sing My Loves

Speaking of ONCE Somerville, they will be hosting a virtual evening of entertainment this Friday 10/23/2020 at 8 PM with the Boston Emissions DJ VJ night. Join Anngelle Wood for an evening of local music videos, commentary, and more! Tickets are FREE... Click on the image or HERE to visit ONCE Somerville and RSVP your spot on the livestream! Come help Anngelle celebrate her 12th Anniversary on Boston Emissions and support local music! See you then! -Kristen

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