BumbleBee Brunch Playlist: 4/29/2022

We took the week-off from Brunch last week as my house was being torn apart by roofers. They were supposed to have been finished by Friday 4/22, but a Spring Nor'easter earlier in the week put them behind schedule. You've gotta love Springtime in New England. With the roofers gone on Friday we settled in for a much more manageable affair with new music from Amoeba Teen, Momma, Maria BC, Panic Shack, and Young Guv.

We closed out the 10:00 AM hour with the 1992 XTC track "War Dance" and a new song from Chisinau, Moldova artist, Paul Small. He's the second artist from this small country on the Southwest border of Ukraine in Eastern Europe to submit music to BumbleBee Radio (We also play Moldovan artist Lemonique.) Small's new single "How Could This Happen?" is inspired by all of the horrible events unfolding in Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Moldova like Ukraine is a former Soviet republic that gained its independence over 30-years ago with the collapse of the Soviet Union. There were some ominous comments in the news from Russian officials this past week indicating Moldova may be part of their ambitions to rebuild their old empire. It is truly a frightening time to be alive in Eastern Europe and all of us across the world have reason to be on-edge. A possible conflict on the scale of World War II in today's age could possibly end life as we know it. Think about that very carefully when you vote for the people who will make all of those very critical decisions.

The Friday Brunch show is always packed with Boston & New England area music and this week's show featured cuts from Charming Arson, Bird Language, Paulzon Fire, Gymnasium, Lainey Dionne, Black Helicopter, Linnea's Garden, and The Loyal Seas.

"No Anesthesia" is the new album from Boston four-piece band Speedfossil out now on Red On Red Records. You can hear it and purchase it digitally or on CD or vinyl over on Bandcamp (next Bandcamp Friday is 5/6/22!) Thank you so much to the band for sending me a vinyl copy. I LOVE vinyl! We've been playing the singles "Luckiest Man In The World" and "Livin The Dream." We debuted another track from the LP, "Disconnected" on the Friday program.

All images by Coleman Rogers. © 2022, Coleman Rogers Photography.
All images by Coleman Rogers. © 2022, Coleman Rogers Photography.

Friday 4/22/2022 turned out to be a fantastically fun night of music at Jungle Communtiy Music Club in Somerville, MA as I hosted the album-release party for Stormstress! The place was packed as Stormstress, Linnea's Garden, Key Of Caustic, and The Teezers fed off the crowd energy and exploded on-stage. Find the new Stormstress LP, "Silver Lining," featuring the track "Fall With You" (currently in the BumbleBee Radio Top-30) over on their Bandcamp page! "Fashion Show" is the NEW album from Linnea's Garden out now on Red On Red Records! Thank you very much to Coleman Rogers of Coleman Rogers Photography for sharing some of the wonderful shots he captured at the show (I will be posting more of them over the weekend!) Thank you as well to Kevin Lewis at Metal Zenith music blog for a great review of all the bands that played that evening, as well as some very kind words for BumbleBee Radio! Much appreciated!

Here is the full playlist for Friday's program... 🥂 = Album Anniversary

🎂 = Birthday

🐝 = Boston / New England artist

10:00 AM HOUR: The Cure - Friday I'm In Love (1992)🥂🎂(30th on 4/21)(Robert Smith 63 on 4/21) Momma - Speeding 72 (2022)

The National - The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness (2017) The Loyal Seas - (So Far From) Silver Lake (2022)🐝 Gymnasium - Coast To Coast Companion (2022)🐝 Iggy Pop - The Passenger (1977)🎂 (75 on 4/21) Lainey Dionne - Vampire (2022)🐝 Panic Shack - The Ick (2022) Cypress Hill - (Rock) Superstar (2000)🥂 (22nd on 4/25) Young Guv - Change You Mind (2022) Black Helicopter - Young Jerks (2022)🐝

Sonic Youth - Bull In The Heather (1994)🎂 (Kim Gordon 70 on 4/28) XTC - War Dance (1992)🥂 (30th on 4/27) Paul Small - How Could This Happen? (2022) 11:00 AM HOUR: Amoeba Teen - Mainstream (2022) Beastie Boys - So Whatcha Want (1992)🥂 (30th on 4/21) Linnea's Garden - School (2022)🐝 Molly Pinto Madigan - Pomeroy (2015)🐝 Speedfossil - Disconnected (2022)🐝 Siouxsie & The Banshees - Cities In Dust (1986)🥂 (36th on 4/21) Bird Language - Clear Head (2022)🐝 Charming Arson - Sufi Sam The Atman (2022)🐝 Blur - Parklife (Ft. Phil Daniels) (1994)🥂 (28th on 4/28)

Maria BC - Betelgeuse (2022) Paulzon Fire - The Road To Babylon (2022)🐝 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Shake It (2017)

Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson - Candy (1990)🎂🎂 (Iggy Pop 75 on 4/21) (Kate Pierson 74 on 4/27) Middle Kids - Edge Of Town (2018) Don't forget that the BumbleBee Radio APP for Android is now available for FREE in the Google Play Store! As always thank you for listening! -Kristen


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