BumbleBee Brunch Playlist: 3/5/2021

Thank you to everyone who tuned-into the 3/5/2021 edition of BumbleBee Brunch on the website, Android app, and on Cape Cod on 90.7 FM WKKL. We had some great Boston area music from Future Teens, Jaggery, Charing Cross, War On Alexandria, and Hyber. We also went on the road (in our mind) with new music from Phoenix duo Doll Skin, a stop in Amsterdam for a new tune from Benny Sings, and visit to Copenhagen with Erika de Casier.

Lowell, Massachusetts artist Senseless Optimism just released her newest single, "Lonely Daze," which I featured at the top of the 11:00 hour. We've had "Half A Home" in Heavy Rotation for most of 2021 so far and the new track will be sticking-around for awhile here on BumbleBee Radio as well. The 22-year-old singer/songwriter celebrated the release by appearing in the Friday 3/5 musical extravaganza with Linnea's Garden on ONCE Somerville's Virtual Venue. That was a fun show!

Friday's show saw a new track from Boston band Ruin The Nite that we haven't yet played here on BumbleBee Radio. "Back Of Line" comes from their three-song EP "Scratch Tracks," which you can grab over on Bandcamp!

Boston band Tribe's 1991 "Abort" LP turns 30 this year!
Boston band Tribe's 1991 "Abort" LP turns 30 this year!

In my last move from Somerville to Beverly my copy of "Abort" by Boston band Tribe (which I've had since my first go-around at 90.7 FM WKKL in the early 90's) became separated from the rest of my music collection. I finally dug it up in a box of old kitchen gadgets (no idea how it ended-up there) in the basement this past week and just had to get a song on the show. Turning 30-years-old this August, this album still sounds great!

10:00 AM HOUR:

Everclear - AM Radio (2000)

Pinegrove - Moment (2021)

Edwyn Collins - Girl Like You (1994)

Regina Spektor - Eet (2009)

Hyber - You Were (2019)

Iggy Pop - Some Weird Sin (1977)

Metric - Youth Without Youth (2012)

Ruin The Nite - Back Of Line (2021)

Doll Skin - Control Freak (2021)

Radiohead - Pyramid Song (2001)

Joe Jackson - Look Sharp (1979)

War On Alexandria - Right Here (2021)

Tribe - Joyride (I Saw The Film) (1991)

Shiny Toy Guns - Rainy Monday (2006)

11:00 AM HOUR:

Senseless Optimism - Lonely Daze (2021)

The Divinyls - Pleasure And Pain (1985)

Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon (1996)

Jaggery - Garden (2016)

Future Teens - Play Cool

Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (2005)

Benny Sings - Here It Comes (2021)

Erika De Casier - Drama (2021)

Lloyd Cole - Downtown (1990)

Charring Cross - Unread (2021)

Oracle Sisters - I Don't Wanna Move (2021)

Kate Bush - Rocket's Tail (1989)

The Everyday Visuals - Watertown Yard (2007)

Don't forget that the BumbleBee Radio APP for Android is now available for FREE in the Google Play Store! An iPhone APP will be available in the Apple Store soon. As always thank you for listening! -Kristen


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