BumbleBee Brunch Playlist: 1/8/2021

Thank you to everyone who tuned-into the first regular edition of BumbleBee Brunch LIVE of 2021 on Friday. After hosting the four-hour long Favorite-50 show on New Year's Day, going back to a two-hour show felt like it was over too soon!

Friday's show featured new Boston-area music from Kerrin Connolly, Pillbook, and Cruel Miracle and we also dusted-off another track from Salem Wolves' 2020 "Never Die" LP. Kerrin's new single "New Year (I'm Counting On You)" echoes how just about all of us are feeling right about now after the great dumpster fire of 2020. So far, 2021 appears to be heading for a time-out in the corner.

Boston-area artist Pillbook PLBK released their debut LP, "El Primer Paso" on Friday. Check-it out HERE! I'm looking forward to listening to it in its entirety over the weekend.

Boston band Cruel Miracle released the LP, Camaraderie on Christmas Day. They created the album as a soundtrack of sorts to their adventures riding motorcycles during the pandemic as everyone looked for safe activities to get them out of the house. Check-out the video for lead-single "Revving" HERE.

Salem, Massachusetts band Salem Wolves last month released a music video for the title-track of their 2020 LP, "Never Die!" If you loved watching old Japanese monster movies on Creature Double Feature Saturday afternoons on WLVI TV-56 (I'm really aging myself here) back in the day, then you must see this. I always used to get Rodan and Ghidorah mixed-up... For the record, Rodan has one head, Ghidorah has three, and Mothra is well... A moth. I'm glad we got that sorted-out.

I also spun a couple tunes in-honor of what would have been David Bowie's 74th birthday. His final LP, "Blackstar" was released on his 69th birthday on Friday 1/8/2016 two days before he passed away. It's hard to believe that was five years ago.

Here's the playlist for Friday's show...

10:00 AM HOUR: David Bowie - TVC15 (1976)

Kerrin Connolly - New Year (I'm Counting On You) (2021)

Rise Against - Architects (2011)

The Cure - Friday I'm In Love (1992)

Salem Wolves - Never Die! (2020)

Hot Chip - Hungry Child (2019)

Florence + The Machine - What Kind Of Man (2015)

Molly Burch - Emotion (Ft. Wild Nothing) (2021)

Spoon - Inside Out (2014)

Best Frenz - Ugly Ending (2020)

The Haunted Youth - Teen Rebel (2021)

Björk - Venus As A Boy (1993)

Madlib - Road Of The Lonely Ones (Ft. Four Tet) (2021)

11:00 AM HOUR:

Pillbook PLBK - Hit Low (2021)

Metric - Gold Guns Girls (2009)

Echo & The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar (1987)

London Grammar - Lose Your Head (2021)

Cruel Miracle - Revving (2020)

Flying Lotus - Do The Astral Plane (2010)

Cake - Love You Madly (2001)

Charles Webster - This Is Real (Ft. Shara Nelson) (2020)

Chachi Carvalho - Fish Plate (2020)

HÆLOS - Unknown Melody (2020)

David Bowie - Blackstar (2016)

Remington Super 60 - I Won't Change My Mind (2020)

Arcade Fire - Reflektor (2013)

Don't forget that the BumbleBee Radio APP for Android is now available for FREE in the Google Play Store! An iPhone APP will be available in the Apple Store soon. As always thank you for listening! -Kristen


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