BumbleBee Brunch Playlist: 1/7/2022

The first Brunch show of 2022 arrived at the same time as the first snow storm of the Winter for Southern New England. It also arrived one day before what would have been David Bowie's 75th birthday. We celebrated that with a selection of Bowie songs from 1972 up to his final album in 2016 and even added a couple Bowie covers from Bauhaus and Spoon. Spoon's gorgeous piano-driven version of "I Can't Give Everything Away" (the final song on Bowie's 2016 swan song LP "Blackstar") was released this past week as an Amazon original.

At the end of the program I talked about my experience with the "Blackstar" album when it was released on Bowie's birthday on Friday 1/8/2016. I intended to write a review of the album for a podcast I was co-hosting at the time, so I spent that entire weekend listening to the album over and over and over again. I listened to the record so many times it was almost as if the music had become a part of me. It wasn't until I got in the car Monday morning and put on WBZ radio, that I learned the news that Bowie had passed away the previous day on Sunday 1/10/2016... Two days after his birthday and the release of the album. It was stunning news. I switched back over to my iPod and hit the resume button on "Blackstar" and the first song that played was "Lazarus." As I drove listening to the lyrics with this fresh news in my mind it suddenly came-into razor-sharp focus... David Bowie had written an entire album about his death. I immediately burst-into tears. Over the next few days we would learn that Bowie had been diagnosed with liver cancer 18-months earlier. He began treatments but told almost no one. His longtime producer Tony Visconti knew but even longtime friend Iggy Pop did not. In the final months of his life the only thing he wanted to do was continue making music. "Blackstar" was his final gift and his way of saying farewell. It really is an exceptional album, but to this day I have a difficult time playing it and an even harder time talking about it without getting choked-up. I normally don't cry over celebrity or rock star deaths, but Bowie was special. His impact on not only popular music and the radio, but also on Alternative Rock and other arts and entertainment mediums was/is undeniable. He also had an impact on me personally. As a transgender person, I was in-hiding in the 1970's/1980's. There was no way to know if there were other people like me out there and very few places to look to for role models. Bowie's sexual ambiguity and his bending of gender-norms (particularly during his glam phase in the early 70's) made him perhaps not a role-model but definitely an inspiration for a frightened and lonely transgender girl. I still get teary-eyed when I write about this. Happy Birthday, David. Friday's program also celebrated birthdays from Portishead's Beth Gibbons, REM's Michael Stipe, and Bernard Sumner (New Order/Joy Division) and we had Boston music from Church & Puppets, The Tapples, Paper Tigers, The Amplifier Heads, Mister Vertigo, Muck & The Mires, and a new collaboration between CARV.R & Casey Desmond. We also made stops in New York and New Jersey for tunes from WIDOWSPEAK and The Ergs, as well as Pennsylvania (The Districts,) and the UK with a new track from Sea Power (formerly British Sea Power.) Our most distant tune came from Oslo, Norway's Pom Poko. Their new EP "This Is Our House" is out on 1/28/22 on the Bella Union label. Here is the full playlist for Friday's program... 🎂=Birthday

10:00 AM HOUR: David Bowie - Five Years (1972) 🎂

The Ergs - Ultimate Falsetto Book (2022)

Flying Lotus - Do The Astral Plane (2010) Portishead - Glory Box (1994) 🎂 Mister Vertigo - Alone (Vox-Up Mix) (2021) The Charlatans - The Only One I Know (1990) WIDOWSPEAK - Everything Is Simple (2022) Muck And The Mires - I'm Your Man (2020) Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust (1982) R.E.M. - Can't Get There From Here (1985) 🎂 Church & Puppets - Fade Away (2021) Pom Poko - Enduro Corner (2022) Pixies - Wave Of Mutilation (1989)

David Bowie - TVC15 (1976)🎂 11:00 AM HOUR: The Tapples - Streets In The Evening (2022)

New Order - Age Of Consent (1983)🎂

The Amplifier Heads - Rocket Boys (2021)

CARV.R and Casey Desmond - Struck (2022)

Gary Numan - Cars (1979) David Bowie - Fashion (1980)🎂

Paper Tigers - Goldmine (2021) Goat Girl - The Man (2018)

Company Of Thieves - Death Of Communication (2011) Sea Power - Green Goddess (2022)

The Districts - Do It Over (2022)

Lene Lovich - Lucky Number (1978) Spoon - I Can't Give Everything Away (2022)

David Bowie - Lazarus (2016) 🎂

Don't forget that the BumbleBee Radio APP for Android is now available for FREE in the Google Play Store! An iPhone APP will be available in the Apple Store soon. As always thank you for listening! -Kristen


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