BumbleBee Brunch Playlist: 1/22/2021

Thank you to everyone who tuned into 1/22/2021 edition of BumbleBee Brunch LIVE. Friday's program saw a new track from Boston area artist Sky & Korn. Hailing originally from Indiana and Chile, Sharon Sky and Ivan Korn speak and sing in multiple languages and consider themselves both artists and nerds. Welcome to the nerd-club! Lots of room here.

Sky & Korn will release an EP entitled "Extraño" on 2/19/2021. Their message is one of diversity and inclusion, and seeing the beauty in what others might consider different or bizarre. Ian Brenckle joins them on bass along with Noah Klentak on percussion. Check-out the first single, "Pulse" as played at the top of the 11:00 hour!

Boston 4-piece band, Sunshine Riot have been around for over ten years and they have a new EP on the way. "Electrical Tape" was recorded by acclaimed engineer Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago and is due-out this Spring. We've added the first single from the EP, "Fast Train" to Heavy Rotation here on BumbleBee Radio. Grab your own copy of the tune over at Bandcamp!

Friday's show also saw a new collaborative single between Linnea's Garden and Crow Follow. Written by Crow Follow's Tim Sprague, "DOOM BUGGY!" addresses some of his thoughts & reactions to the pandemic and the ongoing struggle for racial and social justice. The two bands co-hosted a very fun video-release party last Wednesday on ONCE Somerville's Virtual Venue. Have a listen (and purchase if you so wish) to "DOOM BUGGY" over on Bandcamp!

Check-out the full playlist for the 1/22 show including NEW music from Boston-area artists The Jacklights, Patrick S. Barry, War On Alexandria and much more below!

10:00 AM HOUR:

Alabama Shakes - Don't Wanna Fight (2015)

Weezer - All My Favorite Songs (2021)

Talking Heads - Houses In Motion (1980)

Dee Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (1990)

War On Alexandria - California (2021)

Fugazi - Waiting Room (1988)

Linnea's Garden & Crow Follow - DOOM BUGGY! (2021)

Bleu - Golden Child (2021)

Santigold - Disparate Youth (2012)

Goat Girl - Badibaba (2021)

Sunshine Riot - Fast Train (2021)

The English Beat - I Confess (1982)

Elvis Costello - (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (1978)

MONOWHALES - Out With The Old (2021)

11:00 AM HOUR: Sky & Korn - Pulse (2021)

Muse - Supermassive Blackhole (2006)

Touch And Go - Would You? (1998)

The Jacklights - Winter (2021)

Amber Jay - Pencilled Brows (2021)

Panic! At The Disco - Nine In The Afternoon (2008)

Django Django - Free From Gravity (2021)

Patrick S. Barry - Illusion Of Choice (2020)

Grimes - Flesh Without Blood (2015)

Electronic - Getting Away With It (1991)

Bleach Lab - Old Ways (2021)

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Peek-A-Boo (1988)

Boards Of Canada - Aquarius (1998)

Don't forget that the BumbleBee Radio APP for Android is now available for FREE in the Google Play Store! An iPhone APP will be available in the Apple Store soon. As always thank you for listening! -Kristen


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