Mixed-Up Memories: 2/14/2018

Kristen Eck in Mixed-Up Memories: 02-14-2019

Happy Valentines Day! I’ve picked-out a few tunes from January and February that fit into this day one way or another. I am mindful that not everyone is happy today…

First up is Franz Ferdinand from their 3rd LP, “Tonight: Franz Ferdinand,” which just turned 10-years-old at the end of last month… Can you believe that? It’s the song, “No You Girls.”

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

How ‘bout some Psychedelic Furs? Here’s their 5th album from 1987: "Midnight to Midnight." Let’s put “Heartbreak Beat” on the playlist!

The Psychedelic Furs - Midnight To Midnight

We’ll dip into something light and airy with French duo Air. From their 3rd LP, “Talkie Walkie” it’s a lovely tune called “Cherry Blossom Girl”

Air - Talkie Walkie

And for all the Valentines Day humbugs let’s call-on the services of Joe Jackson and his debut album, “Look Sharp,” which turned 40-years-old last month, for the ultimate anti-love song… “Fools in Love.”

Joe Jackson - Look Sharp

All four songs are waiting for you on the Mixed-Up Memories playlist. For those of us who are alone (like me,) Hang in there... All the candy’s 50-percent-off tomorrow. Happy listening! -Kristen



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