MiXeD-Up MeMoRiEs: 2/12/2018

Hi there and welcome to another edition of Mixed-Up Memories! I have some February tunes to add to the playlist, so let's get to it!

J Dilla

Over the weekend I was going through some of albums I've accumulated following my interest in trip-hop and sampling. I almost missed one of them that had an anniversary just last week. "Donuts," the second LP-release from J Dilla turned 13-years-old on February 7th. It was released on his 32nd birthday. Born James Dewitt Yancey, J Dilla was a hip hop producer (and sometimes rapper) from Detroit, Michigan.

Sadly he passed-away three-days after the release of "Donuts" following a battle with Lupus and a rare blood disorder. 29 of the record's 31-tracks were crafted in Dilla's hospital room with a sampler and a record player. His Mom and his friends would bring him records to consider. The result is an extravaganza of beats and samples weaving a spellbinding patchwork of mostly one-minute sonic treats. If you love The Avalanches, but you haven't heard "Donuts," you owe it to yourself to do something about that! I'm going with the only track that clocks-in at close to 3:00... It's called "Workinonit."

On this day 37-years ago, XTC released their fifth album, "English Settlement." Their first double-album, the records marked the start of a trend toward more pop-oriented music.

A tour in-support of the album was cut-short after front man Andy Partridge suffered from anxiety issues and panic attacks brought on in-part by an addiction to Valium.

"English Settlement" reached #48 on the Billboard album charts, but found airplay in America on college radio. Let's go with the lead single that made it to #10 on the British charts: "Senses Working Overtime." It's waiting for you on the Mixed-Up Memories playlist. Happy Listening! -Kristen



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