Knock Knock: New Music! 2/8/2019

Kristen Eck in Knock Knock: New Music!

Hi it’s Kristen! Welcome back to another edition of Knock Knock: New Music! Today’s selection comes to us from Wild Nothing. This Dream-Pop project was first created in 2009 by Jack Tatum in Blacksburg, Virginia. Tatum writes and records all of the music himself and then adds additional members to go out on-tour!

Jack Tatum of Wild Nothing

Beginning with 2010’s “Gemini,” he’s released four albums… The most recent being last year’s “Indigo” LP. What I have for you today is a song recorded around the same time as that album, but not included on it. It has just recently been released, NOT as an outtake or bonus-track, but rather as a new stand-alone single.

About the new track Tatum says, "I asked Ben Talmi who did the string arrangements on “Shadow” to help out with this very simple dissonant string part I was hearing in my head which is now my favorite element in the track. It’s a song about walking through to the other side of crippling self-doubt with the help of someone you love. It’s a reminder to myself not to let things spiral… Hard as it may be at times.”

Wild Nothing - Blue Wings single cover

I can get behind that sentiment for sure! I love this track and am happy to put-it in-the-running for my favorite new song of 2019. It’s called “Blue Wings” and it’s just been added to the Knock Knock: New Music playlist. Happy Listening! -Kristen



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