Knock Knock: New Music! 1/16/2019

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Hello and welcome to Wednesday. A new year brings new ideas and that means a couple changes to how my main features, including Knock Knock: New Music! are handled. As we head forth into 2019, I will add to the ways a new song may find its way on to the current playlist. It might be through one of my traditional one-minute video-intros, but it might also be via a blog-entry, or even a simple social media post announcing the new song being added. The idea is to get MORE new songs on each month's playlist more quickly.

The changeover of years between December and January is always a bit difficult for music-releases as records being released in December, don't give most of us enough time to listen to them and evaluate them as an album from that year. January, on the other hand, is often a bit sparse on new releases, so this is that fuzzy part of the calendar where late 2018 songs jump-across the divide and into 2019-playlists and why not? A great new song doesn't suddenly become not great or old, simply because the year ran-out.

With that in-mind, may I present British/French singer-songwriter & actress, Charlotte Gainsbourg. She's appeared in over 50 French and English-language films and has released five full-length albums. "Take 2" is a five-track EP that is the follow-up to her last LP: 2017's "Rest."

Charlotte Gainsbourg

"Take 2" dropped on December 14th and features three new original songs along with a live recording of "Deadly Valentine" (studio version was on "Rest",) and one cover song. Here's one the three new songs... It's called "Such a Remarkable Day" and it's just been added to hte Knock Knock: New Music playlist. Happy listening! -Kristen




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