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Underworld and Iggy Pop

Lights-Camera-30 Countdown

#9 Underworld & Iggy Pop

It had been 20-years since the theatrical release of Danny Boyle's dark-comedy, "Trainspotting." The film's soundtrack opened with Iggy Pop's iconic "Lust for Life" and closed with Welsh electronic duo Underworld and their song "Born Slippy.NUXX." Fast forward to 2016 and production of the film sequel, "T2" was well underway with Underworld's Rick Smith in charge of overseeing the music.

Hoping to capture lightning-in-a-bottle Smith rounded-up Underworld co-conspirator, Karl Hyde and planned a surprise (an ambush) for Iggy Pop who was on-tour and staying at The Savoy Hotel in London. Invited to tea, Pop accepted and walked into a hotel room filled with mobile recording equipment and a bunch of pre-produced instrumental tracks waiting for him to improvise over. While the resulting collaboration didn't result in a song that would make the "T2" soundtrack, it eventually lead to the "Teatime Dub Encounters EP," which suddenly appeared last Summer.

Underworld & Iggy Pop - Teatime Dub Encounters

Some of the songs on the record work. Others don't. At 71-years-old Iggy is an amazing survivor of a lifestyle that has claimed many a hard-living rock star at much younger ages. Still full of life and creativity in 2016, Pop finds himself a little left-behind on this track I have picked-out. I cannot say I sympathize with him pining for the days, when you could smoke on airplanes and no, Iggy, we can't go back to a time when you can try to get the phone number of the airplane attendant, because you thinks she's hot, but there is something infectious about this track. It swirled-around for many hours in my headphones on my outings to Good Harbor Beach over the Summer. It's called "Bells & Circles" and it's #9 on my Lights-Camera-30 countdown!

Camera: Photo #9

Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester has been coming-up a lot lately hasn't it? Yesterday I shared an aerial photo of the place that's my second home from June through September. Now here's what it looks like at ground-level. This is among my favorite photos of the year, not because there's anything outstanding in the imagery. It's one of my favorites simply because it makes me happy.

Anniversary-30 Countdown

#9 Morphine

Speaking of rock stars taken from us too soon, that brings us to Morphine. Front man, Mark Sandman collapsed on stage, while on tour in Italy in 1999, and died of a heart attack at the age of 46. Sandman was a beloved figure in the Boston music scene and his death sent out shock waves that spread far beyond New England. Countless memorials and tributes would follow and today the intersection of Mass Ave and Brookline Street in Cambridge outside the Middle East nightclub is named "Mark Sandman Square."

Morphine - Cure for Pain album cover

Sandman, Dana Colley, and Jerome Deupree formed Morphine in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1989 and released five studio albums. "Cure for Pain" is their second record and it is celebrating its 25-anniversary this year. Filled with their signature sound of baritone & tenor saxophones and Sandman's two-string slide-bass, I'm going with the title-track, "Cure for Pain." It's waiting for you now on the Anniversary-30 playlist. Happy listening! -Kristen







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