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Lo Moon

Lights-Camera-30 Countdown

#12 Lo Moon

Sometimes a new artist arrives on the scene with one song. It's actually becoming more and more common these days to see one single released via YouTube, or SoundCloud, or Bandcamp and it takes a bit to see who likes it and what may be coming next. Such is the case with today's band Lo Moon.

This trio out of Los Angeles first appeared on the radar two years ago with an epic slow-burning track entitled "Loveless." Eight months later, a second single, "This is it" appeared followed by a third track ("Thorns") in the Fall of 2017.

As the songs slowly appeared we learned that the band consisted of Matthew Lowell on lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards; Crisanta Baker on bass & keyboards, and Sam Stewart on guitar & synthesizer. Sam is the son of Dave Stewart of Eurythmics. I saw them play live in Cambridge, MA last Spring and got a chance to chat with them a bit afterwards.

Lo Moon released their self-titled debut LP in February of this year and though this tune came out in Fall of 2016, it didn't have an album until now so I'm counting it as eligible for my playlist. It's the first single, "Loveless" and it's #12 on the Lights-Camera-30 countdown!

Snowy Danvers River by Kristen Eck

While Winter can dish-up some nasty weather, that sometimes comes with some beautiful sights, as well. Here's a shot of the Danvers River looking down toward Beverly, Massachusetts as the sky begins to clear from morning snow squalls.

Anniversary-30 Countdown

#12 Duran Duran

For many of you in my age group (Generation-X,) you may be unaware of the fact that not only did Duran Duran survive the end of the 1980's, but they're still making relevant music today. Long after the Top-40 glow of the "Rio" and "Seven and The Ragged Tiger" albums had faded, the music kept coming. Then in 1993, the band roared-back into the spotlight with a self-titled release (also known as "The Wedding Album") that landed in the Top-10 on the Billboard album chart and spawned two Top-10 singles in "Ordinary World" and "Come Undone." That album turned 25-years-old this year, but I have a different record in-mind for today's a selection... An album that turned 30 this year: "Big Thing."

Duran Duran - Big Thing

I may not be the world's utmost authority on Duran Duran, but my best friend since third grade, Pete Maguire is. He's been one of their most ardent fans since their earliest days. Because of Pete, I've been to more Duran Duran concerts than any other artist (I've been to six of their shows.) My first show was the tour for their 1988 LP, "Big Thing," which stopped at the Worcester Centrum in 1989. This was the first full record featuring guitarist Warren Cuccurullo (former Frank Zappa disciple and founding member of Missing Persons,) following the departure of Andy Taylor.

While "Big Thing" pushed a heavier dance-element in a number of tracks it also had some beautiful slower numbers in "Land," "Too Late Marlene," and the tune that would become my favorite Duran Duran song. I loved the track enough that I slipped it in-between the alternative rock songs on my morning show on WKKL on numerous occasions. It's called "Palomino" and it's just been added to the Anniversary-30 playlist. Happy listening! -Kristen







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