Lights, Camera, Music! 12/10/2018 #21


I'm a little late in getting today's blog out there, as I've been hiding-under a blanket on my sofa trying to thaw-out my feet following this morning's shift in the helicopter. People ask me about whether we have heat and air-conditioning in the copter. No on the AC and yes there is heat, but air from the outside gets in thru the door seams. The faster we fly, the less effective the heat is. It took a little while to warm-up when I got home this morning.

Invisible Minds - Make Up Your Own Stories

We've reached #21 in the Lights, Camera, 30 playlist and it comes from an artist who has the distinction of being the only one with TWO different songs in my countdown: Invisible Minds. It was still 2017 when the first song entitled "Yo Mae Leh" appeared on the internet and racked-up an impressive number of streaming-plays. More songs followed as 2018 began to unfold, but we didn't know anything about who Invisible Minds was. Was it a band? Was it one person? The mystery continued into the Summer, when London electronic producer/DJ Tim Green stepped-into the light as the force behind the music. He announced a full-length album was on the way filled-with songs he had been slowly crafting over a period of 12-years.

Tim Green - Invisible Minds

I was very excited when my vinyl copy of "Make Up Your Own Stories" arrived on my doorstep last month and it is among my favorite albums of the year! The first of two songs in my 2018 Top-30, I'm going with the epic closing-track on the record... A tune called "Take Them All," featuring electronic artist, The Slow Revolt. On the YouTube version of the playlist you'll hear the shorter edit of the tune. The full length 9:33 album version (my personal favorite) is available on the Spotify version of the playlist!

Zinnias and Jalapeno peppers

As you've probably noticed by this point, not all of my photos are taken from the helicopter. Today's shot is from my front-steps and a welcome sight after spending part of the morning half-frozen. The green "Envy" Zinnias you can see through the rails are one of my favorite flowers to grow in the Summer and I always grow a few different kinds of hot peppers. I won't be long until it's February and I'll be poring-over seed catalogs trying to decide what's going in the front yard garden in 2019!

Tears for Fears - The Hurting

Today's selection on the Anniversary-30 playlist comes from an album celebrating its 35-anniversary this year. It's Tears for Fears' debut LP, "The Hurting." Released in 1983, this record went Gold here in the U.S. & France and went Platinum in the U.K. and Canada, despite some less than complimentary reviews from NME and Melody Maker. I had to chuckle reading some of the excerpts and remembering how we used to marvel looking through both magazines at WKKL back in the late 80's/early 90's wondering if there was actually any new music they liked at all! The listening public obviously didn't agree with the critics and neither do I. I'm adding the track, "Pale Shelter" to the Anniversary-30 playlist. Happy listening! -Kristen







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