Lights, Camera, Music! 12/5/2018 #26


Hello and welcome back to Lights, Camera, Music! As we countdown the days to 2019 in photos and music I'm reminded of a conversation I've had with my pilot, Chris. For all the spectacular sights we see in the helicopter, whether it's a breathtaking sunrise or a ragged storm-front cutting a menacing silhouette against a hazy August sky or the sight of all the tree tops glistening with snow on the morning after a blizzard, there is NO photo that will ever truly capture the way our eyes process these sights in-person. There are times where Chris and I see something so gorgeous that it would be impossible to tell anyone else about it and have them truly understand... Some things in life you just have to be there for.

Sunbeam in Boston by Kristen Eck

This particular shot is a good example of that. One of the more amazing things to see from the air is the sight of sunbeams poking through the cloud decks... Often times, though the camera never does them justice. This one came out pretty well, even though the sunbeam is fairly distant, shining-over Winthrop and part of Logan Airport in East Boston.

The Vryll Society

Moving on to the Lights, Camera, 30 countdown, we check-in with The Vryll Society. They're a five-piece band out of Liverpool, England that have their own brand of psychedelic/ambient/progressive-rock. They've played at Britain's Glastonbury Music Festival as well as SXSW here in America and last August they released their debut album, "Course of the Satellite." This was one of those albums that crept-up on me, as I started listening to it one Saturday afternoon in October and finally realized I had been playing it for three-hours! Suffice to say, I really like it. Although there are a bunch of great tracks on the record, I'm going with the tune entitled "Andrei Rublev." It's #26 on my Top-30 of 2018!

Fishbone - Truth and Soul

Today's selection for the Anniversary-30 playlist is a favorite of mine from my college radio days on 90.7 FM WKKL in West Barnstable, MA. Hailing from Los Angeles, Fishbone started out as a mainly ska & funk act. You may remember their 1985 debut single, "Party at Ground Zero." Their debut album, "In Your Face," followed a year later and by the time their second LP, "Truth and Soul" arrived in 1988 their sound had added hard-rock to the mix. To celebrate its 30th-anniversary, we'll go with the song I played heavily off the record. This is actually a cover of a tune originally written and performed by Curtis Mayfield for the soundtrack of the 1972 film, "Super Fly." This version has a decidedly harder-edge to it. It's called "Freddie's Dead" and it's just been added to the Anniversary-30 playlist. Happy listening! -Kristen







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