Lights, Camera, Music! 12/3/2018


Welcome back to another week. The weekends go by all too quickly. It hasn't quite sunk-in for me yet that it's actually December. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that I was sitting on Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester listening to tunes and getting ready to go-in with the boogie board. But time moves on and we go with it, whether we want to or not.

Boston Harbor from over the West End

Today's photo is an aerial shot I took of Boston Harbor at dawn from over the West End. You don't hear much about the West End of Boston, as a large section of that neighborhood was demolished for construction of the elevated Central Artery (I-93) in the 1950's. When the Big Dig finally relocated I-93 underground and the elevated highway was demolished in 2003, the West End began to re-emerge as its own distinctive part of the city.

Moving on to the music, creating a Top-30 for my favorite new songs of 2018 has been pretty difficult for me, as I would say there are least 200 (probably more) new tracks I've heard this year that I really enjoyed. Earlier this year I read an article about a study that had been done about aging and listening habits. The study found that a majority of us stop discovering new music by the time we're 30. That couldn't be any further from the truth for me. Always the oddball in any group (and I'm totally fine with being just that,) I've found that as I grow older my appetite for songs I've never heard before grows larger and larger. There's so much music out there! In my mind, it would be a shame to miss-out on it.

Wilma Archer

That brings me to today's addition to the Lights, Camera, 30 countdown. Wilma Archer is a composer, producer, and songwriter based out of London. Formerly known as Slime, he released his first song under his new name in 2017. Signed to a deal on the Weird World label, he released a 12-inch vinyl single last February, that immediately caught my ear. At first I thought I was hearing a cover of Frank Zappa's "Black Napkins," but it quickly became apparent that this song was something quite different. Featuring a number of movements that allow different instruments to take the lead, this jazz-inspired track left me spellbound. It's called, "Scarecrow" and it's my #28 song of 2018!

The Buzzcocks - Love Bites

Today's selection for the Anniversary-30 playlist is from English punk rock band, Buzzcocks. One of the most influential bands in the punk movement of the 1970's, they celebrated their 40th anniversary as a band in 2016 with a reunion tour. Their debut album, "Another Music in a Different Kitchen" and their second LP, "Love Bites," BOTH turned 40 this year. Fittingly, both albums have just been remastered and will be released on 180-gram special-edition vinyl on January 25th, 2019 (Don't blow all of your money on the holidays!)

I'm going with the "Love Bites" album and the tune, "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've.)" Happy listening! -Kristen







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