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Hello and welcome to Lights, Camera, Music! We're in the home-stretch of 2018 and as we plunge-into the frenzy & festivity of the holidays, it's also a time to reflect back on the last 11-months and what they've meant to us.

Kristen Eck in Lights Camera Music!

I have much to share about this past year with you and I think you're really going to enjoy this feature. Each day over the coming month, I'll post one of my favorite photos from the past year. Here is my first submission: An aerial shot of Carson Beach in South Boston, Massachusetts taken from over the Southeast Expressway before sunrise last January.

Carson Beach in South Boston by Kristen Eck

Each day in December I will also update TWO different playlists... The Lights Camera 30! playlist will feature my 30-favorite NEW songs of 2018. Meanwhile, the Anniversary-30 playlist will be made-up of tunes from albums celebrating a milestone this year (20-50 years old.)

I decided to go with albums celebrating notable anniversaries because I'm celebrating one of my own: 2018 marks my 30th year in radio! It was Fall of 1988, when I first strolled into Cape Cod Community College radio station, 90.7 FM WKKL. The station's format was Alternative Rock (as it was at many college stations in the 80's & 90's ) and I was fairly confident I had some clue about was happening. An older cousin of mine had already introduced me to Husker Du, Violent Femmes, Angry Samoans, and very early R.E.M. and my incurably cool high school journalism teacher, Mick Carlon had made sure I knew about Echo & The Bunnymen, The Psychedelic Furs, and Ian Dury & The Blockheads. I was pretty sure about the little pile of albums under my arm as I made my way through the clouds of cigarette smoke into the cramped on-air studio where the station's program director waited to begin my on-air training.

90.7 FM WKKL on-air studio in 1988

He thumbed thru my records, nodding slightly at some or mumbling incoherently at others, and then put all them aside. "Let's try playing something you don't know," he challenged, pointing to a weathered wooden box on the floor of the air-studio. It was filled with alien-looking album covers from bands I had never heard of before. These were the station's "format" records.

"Grab a record from the box and pick a song," instructed the program director, "We've put check-marks next to the better tracks." I fished out a very orange album from some British band called The Fall and cued-it up on the turntable. My radio career was underway!


So let's get to the playlists, shall we? My #30 selection for favorite songs of 2018 comes to us from multi-national artist Superorganism and it's a song fitting for a number of us that go into my business. It's called "Everybody Wants to Be Famous."

The Fall - I am Kurious Oranj

For my anniversary playlist, let's open with that 1988 album from The Fall, "I am Kurious Oranj," and the first song I ever played on the radio: "New Big Prinz." I hope you really enjoy both of these playlists, as I'm very excited about sharing them with you. The countdown to 2019 begins now... Happy listening! -Kristen






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