Tryppin Turkey Tunes: Day 7

Massive Attack - Blue Lines

Hello hello! You get two greetings from me because I'm actually covering two days worth of songs today. I became hopelessly sidetracked out running errands yesterday and never got around to my blog entry. So we're doing Day-6 and Day-7 together here. I was out running more pre-Thanksgiving errands this morning and will hopefully be wrapped-up on most of it by the end of today.

Do you recognize this substance? It's a good bet you're closer to my age or older if you do. It's mincemeat, a combination of sugar, apples, raisins, plums, currants, candied orange & lemon peel that is typically made into pies. Older variations and traditions added things like beef, suet, and sometimes other animal products. This jar I have contains no animals that I know of. If you don't know what suet is, let's say that birds like it and we'll leave it at that. You're better off not knowing any further details. For the record this jar is suet-free.

The origin of mincemeat dates back to the 13th Century in Great Britain, where it is often enjoyed around Christmas. Here in New England, mincemeat pies became associated with Thanksgiving, as the fun-loving Puritans had outlawed the celebration of Christmas.

We always had mincemeat pie at Thanksgiving growing-up, but the tradition faded in my family around eight years ago, as I think it gradually has in many other quarters here in America. There are so many different pies you can have and if you've never experienced what this one tastes like, you'd likely have a little interest in forgoing something else to try it. Suffice to say it's making a comeback this year for the Eck family Thanksgiving!

So let's get to the music. You've likely got some driving ahead of you in the near-future, so we need to stack-up some more tunes to help you hopefully not end-up in an anger-management class.

Washed Out

We'll start with yesterday's tracks, the first of which is from Georgia singer/songwriter/producer Ernest Weatherly Green Jr, better known as Washed Out. When a planned career as a librarian didn't work out, he started writing and recording music in his bedroom, was discovered on MySpace (who does that happen to anymore,) and eventually signed by Sub Pop Records. His style is described as "Chillwave." We'll go to his 2017 album, "Mister Mellow" for a tune entitled, "Hard to Say Goodbye."

Massive Attack

Next we hit-up trip-hop giants Massive Attack and their stunning 1991 debut album"Blue Lines" for the opening-track, "Safe from Harm." Massive Attack has another album celebrating a 20th anniversary this year. You'll hear more about that in the near future.


For today's selections we begin with De-Phazz. This Downtempo Jazz collective led by German producer, Pit Baumgartner has released 16-albums, the most recent arriving last May. Let's go all the way back to the 1997 debut album, "Detunized Gravity" for song called "No Jive."

Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs is a singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon. Her self-titled debut album came out back in 1999 and just this past April, she released her 10th LP, entitled "The Lookout." Let's go with the lead-single from that record, "Everybody Needs You." It's ready to play on the Tryppin' Turkey Tunes playlist. Happy listening! -Kristen





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