Tryppin' Turkey Tunes: Day-4

Happy Saturday! As it goes in-life, the plans we make don't always pan-out the way we had imagined. I was planning on doing some baking yesterday, but was sidetracked, when my six-year-old laptop suddenly took a stroll down Blue Screen of Death Lane. I do the majority of my writing, video editing, and other work on a desktop computer, but the laptop is an integral part of my entertainment system as I used it to play music through the stereo and I also use its HDMI-port to send You-TubeTV to my old 27" Samsung LCD flat screen TV hanging on my living room wall.

Kristen Eck's copy of Vegas by The Crystal Method

For those of you who don't follow every moment of my life on Facebook (I mean who wouldn't want to do that,) I slashed my Comcast service back to internet-only over a year ago. I then signed-up for the emerging YouTubeTV service, which had just become available in the Boston area. For $35-a-month I get 69-channels, including all the major networks, local stations, NESN, and NBC Sports Boston. The number of sports channels overall is impressive. My monthly entertainment bill went from $215/month (with Comcast handing the TV programming) to $135/month (with YouTube TV.)

I eventually got the laptop running again, but it's been on shaky ground for awhile and I've had upgrades to my entertainment sprawl in-mind. A quick look around the internet led me to the discovery that Best Buy was running a pre-Black-Friday sale (it ends today) with some really great prices on a couple TV's I had been considering in the back of my mind. For me it was down to a choice of another Samsung TV or one made by LG (both brands are made in South Korea, rather than China. South Korea generally manufactures some high quality stuff.) I was looking for something bigger than my old 27" set and I was looking to take my old laptop out of the equation of how I get YouTube-TV into the set.

I finally settled on a 50" LG 4K flat screen. It comes ready to play YouTubeTV (which the new Samsung units have apparently dropped,) and has an option to use WiFi or a direct ethernet-cable connection to your internet router. $329 at Best Buy thru the end of the day!

50-inch LG Electronics 4K Flat Screen TV

With my electronics crisis somewhat settled ( I still need to hang this 50" television later today,) let's get to today's music. Our first track this morning comes to us from The Crystal Method. Founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1993, these electronic innovators in the genre of Big Beat, were the product of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland. Jordan recently retired from music, but Kirkland has carried-on, releasing a new album entitled, "The Trip Home," earlier this Fall.

Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method

However, for today I'd like to backtrack to The Crystal Method's 1997 debut album, "Vegas." This is one of my favorite start-to-finish records. It includes two late-90's alternative radio staples in "Busy Child" and a remake of "Trip Like I Do," done in collaboration with Filter. I prefer the original LP-cut of "Trip Like I Do," which features sound clips from Jim Henson's 1982 film, "The Dark Crystal." So which track shall we choose for the Tryppin' Turkey Tunes playlist? Let's go with the final track on Side-2: "Bad Stone." I might also add that this album was extremely difficult to find on vinyl, so I was ecstatic when it was recently reissued!

British electronic musician, Bonobo

Our second song today comes from British electronic musician/producer Simon Green, who goes by the name Bonobo. He makes his home in Los Angeles and has released six albums that have covered a range of electronic genres, including Downtempo and Trip Hop. Let's cue up his 2003 LP, "Dial M For Monkey," and a tune called "Flutter." The track samples a portion of Easy Listening arranger, Chaquito's 1970 instrumental cover of "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In," by The 5th Dimension. You may also recognize the same sample was used just last year by Dan Croll in his song, "Away From Today." There you have it: The Crystal Method and Bonobo. They're both ready for your headphones on the Tryppin' Turkey Tunes playlist. Happy listening! -Kristen





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