Tryppin' Turkey Tunes: Day 3

David Bowie - Low album cover

I was told all of this was supposed to be gone this morning... Never mind a white Christmas. There's snow on the ground here in Northeast Massachusetts before Thanksgiving has even arrived! I still have some Mums and Calenduas that have been stubbornly refusing to concede to Winter's advance. My Marigolds put up a tough fight up until the thermometer sank near the teens the other night. I admire that.

Snow before Thanksgiving on the North Shore of Massachusetts

I put-in Fall bulbs a couple weekends ago. I planted an odd color of Daffodils, Crocus, and patterns of black and gold Tulips. If the Bruins are in the playoffs come May, it should be a rather dramatic sight to see black and gold tulips springing-up... That's if the neighborhood squirrel doesn't eat all of them first. But enough about that. Spring is a long way off and we have the holidays and Winter still ahead.

I'll be doing some baking today and that of course calls for music, so let's add some more tunes to our relaxing playlist. We begin with a track from David Bowie's 1977 "Low" album. This was the first of three albums ("The Berlin Trilogy") written after Bowie and his friend Iggy Pop had taken up residence in West Berlin, Germany in an effort to kick their respective drug habits. This period produced Iggy Pop's "Lust For Life" and "The Idiot" LP's with help from Bowie.

Iggy Pop and David Bowie

The recording of "Low" marked new musical territory for Bowie, who was keen to get away from many of the song-writing conventions he had stuck-by in the past. Personally, I loved his 1976 record, "Station to Station" and I think 1975's "Young Americans" was more of what Bowie wanted to move away from. Produced by Tony Visconti and featuring contributions from Brian Eno, "Low" moved into electronic and ambient territory influenced in part by the music scene in Berlin. We'll go to one of those ambient tracks, a tune called "Subterraneans."

Erykah Badu

Our second song today comes to us from Neo-Soul singer/songwriter Erykah Badu. Hailing from Dallas, Texas she has released five albums since 1997. We'll go to her second record, "Mama's Gun." Released in 2000. It climbed to #11 on the Billboard album charts and went Platinum. Let's give the tune "Didn't Cha Know" a spin... It's waiting for you on the Tryppin' Turkey Tunes playlist. Happy Listening! -Kristen





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