Tryppin Turkey Tunes: Day-2

Happy Thursday! We're now exactly a week away from Thanksgiving and wouldn't you know, it's National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day! You may need a ton of room to defrost your turkey and extra space for veggies and baking supplies. Even after the dust settles on Thanksgiving Day, you'll be searching for every last nook & cranny in the fridge to cram-in some leftovers.

For the record this is NOT my refrigerator... This one is much cleaner!

So which leftovers do you keep and which ones are your favorites? I grew-up in a big 200-year-old house in Barnstable Village, MA that had a large screened-in front porch with plenty of room for ALL the leftovers in the chilly days of November on Cape Cod. I've always been a huge fan of stuffing with sage and that was always the first thing I was looking for the next day, along with a plate of cold-turkey. Homemade cranberry sauce chilled overnight on the porch was a can't miss as well!

Bags of cranberries

Leading up to Thanksgiving, I have quite a few bags of cranberries and a ton of Cortland apples from Connors Farm in Danvers occupying space in my fridge. Let's see if I can actually use all of them this year!


So let's get to today's musical menu... Our first tune comes to us from Japanese electronic recording artist Keigo Oyamada. He goes by the name Cornelius, which he cites as a tribute to Roddy McDowall's character in the original 1969 "Planet of the Apes" film. He has released six albums since 1994, with the most recent one arriving last year. We'll cue-up his fourth LP, "Point" which was released in Japan in 2001 (and worldwide a year later) for a tune called "Drop." Cornelius' penchant for adding environmental sound and effects to his music is evident here as the sound of water flows throughout much of the song.

Nick Drake

The mood turns introspective and acoustic in today's second selection from English singer-songwriter, Nick Drake. Born in Burma in 1948, he would record & release three mostly ignored albums from 1969 to 1972, before succumbing to the ravages of depression in 1974 at the age of 26. With a lyrical-background inspired by William Blake and other English poets, Drake spent many of his days listening to and writing music alone, creating unusual guitar-tunings that uniquely complimented his singing voice. In the years that followed his death, Drake's albums found their way to more and more receptive ears. Peter Buck of R.E.M. would eventually claim Drake as a significant influence, while Robert Smith cites one of Drake's lyrics as the inspiration for naming his band, "The Cure." In 1985, The Dream Academy recorded a tribute to Drake that would become a Top-10 hit in America: "Life in a Northern Town." For today, though, let's keep the focus on Nick Drake and his debut album from 1969, entitled "Five Leaves Left." This pastoral and sweetly melancholy track is entitled, "River Man" and it's just been added to the Tryppin' Turkey Tunes playlist. Happy listening!






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