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It can't possibly be that time again, but it is. Thanksgiving is just over a week away. Turkeys are being purchased and if they're big enough some may even be set in the refrigerator for thawing by day's end. Meals are being orchestrated, dessert-ideas mulled, guest-lists pored-over, and travel plans made. For many of us it's the beginning of a furious six-week sprint to the end of the year and that means stress is probably on your list of unwelcome guests about to pay a visit. Perhaps I can help with that...

Kristen Eck, host of Tryppin' Turkey Tunes

As you have undoubtedly guessed by this point, music is one of my favorite things in-life and it is one of my favorite remedies when it comes to reducing stress. So far this year, my playlists have covered a lot of Indie Rock and Alternative Rock, but I think it's time we shift gears for a bit... Let's get out the mixing-bowl and dig-into the back of the cupboard for a twist of Trip Hop, a splash of Jazz, a dash of R&B, and a sprinkle of Psychedelia.

Lianne La Havas

I’ll add a couple songs a day until we reach Thanksgiving. Along the way I’ll pop-in with a couple recipe ideas and some other fun stuff. What we’ll finally pop-out of the musical oven is a playlist ready for you to put-on in your headphones as you doze-off into a Tryptophan-fueled nap on the sofa. I’ve named it Tryppin’ Turkey Tunes.

Pink Floyd

So let’s get this playlist going… We’ll begin with a jazz/pop groove, so effervescent it ascends into outer-space. It’s from British singer/songwriter Lianne La Havas and it’s called “Unstoppable.” Then we'll slip into a time-portal and travel back to 1971 for a deep-cut off Pink Floyd’s "Meddle" LP: A tune called “Pillow Of Winds.” It’s Tryppin Turkey Time… Happy Listening! -Kristen




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