DAY-21: The 31-Days of Halloween

Kristen Eck in the 31-Days of Halloween: 10/21/2018

Happy Sunday! I have a couple of events to share with you as we wrap-up Week-3 of the 31-Days of Halloween. Today marks the 35th Anniversary of the film adaption of Stephen King's "The Dead Zone." Christopher Walken starred as Johnny Smith, a Maine schoolteacher, who falls into a long coma following a car wreck. When he awakens five years later, he has psychic abilities that allow him to see a person's future just by touching them. "The Dead Zone" was one of the more highly acclaimed adaptions of Stephen King novels.

Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone

The movie eventually spawned a TV series in 2002 (starring Anthony Michael Hall) and Christopher Walken would parody his character in a 1992 guest appearance on Saturday Night Live (one of seven guest-hosting stints on the show,) in which he memorably warns someone he's just touched that they're going to get an "ice cream headache."

Christopher Walken on Saturday Night Live

We also have a birthday today. Erick Lee Purkhiser, better known as Lux Interior, lead singer of punk rock band, The Cramps would have turned 72-today had he not died of heart failure in 2009. Along with his wife, guitarist Poison Ivy, he moved from California in the mid-70's to join the emerging punk scene at CBGB in New York. Combining punk, surf, rockabilly, and creepy themes, they are credited with creating the "Psychobilly" genre.

Lux Interior and Posion Ivy of The Cramps

Sounds like a song is in-order to me, so let's go to their 1980 debut album, "Songs the Lord Taught Us," for a tune called "I Was a Teenage Werewolf." It's waiting for you now on the 31-Days of Halloween playlist. Happy listening! -Kristen





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