DAY-17: The 31-Days of Halloween

Church, the undead cat in Pet Semetary

It would be hard to imagine Halloween without Stephen King and today we reach our first mention of the master novelist of horror. While his list of masterpieces in-print is impressive not all of the attempts to translate those stories to film over the years have been successful (I'll surely live if I never see "Maximum Overdrive" again.) One of the better efforts, though was the 1989 film, "Pet Semetary."

Set in rural Maine, the film tells a chilling tale of a cursed ancient burial ground and what happens when a young doctor and his family cross paths with it. A couple interesting notes about the actors. Denise Crosby, who plays the mother Rachael Creed, would go on to star in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Enterprise security-chief, Tasha Yar and in 2014 returned to horror as she played the leader of a gang of cannibals in Seasons 4 and 5 of The Walking Dead on AMC-TV.

Denise Crosby in Pet Semetary, Star Trek TNG, and The Walking Dead

Fred Gwynne, plays the elderly neighbor Jud Crandall, who becomes partially responsible for setting the grizzly events of the story in-motion. If you're Gen-X or older and seemed to think you remember him from somewhere else, it's because he also played the Frankenstein-like father, Herman Munster in the 1964 television-sitcom, "The Munsters!"

Fred Gwynne in Pet Semetarr and The Munsters

As plans for the film started to take shape, Stephen King approached one of his favorite bands, The Ramones and asked them if they'd be interested in writing a song for the film.

The resulting tune, "Pet Semetary" was also released on the band's 1989 "Brain Drain" album and would make-it as high as #4 on Billboard's Alternative chart. It's all ready to go on the 31-Days of Halloween playlist. Happy listening! - Kristen





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