DAY-2: The 31-Days of Halloween

Greetings and welcome to Day-2 of the 31-Days of Halloween! As I mentioned yesterday, each day will feature a new song added to the YouTube & Spotify playlists. What triggers a particular song to be selected can vary from day to day? Sometimes it may be tied to an October birthday or movie release. In other cases it may just be an appropriately spooky tune for Halloween that needs to be on the list. Today our selection is birthday-related.


Today we wish a Happy 67th Birthday to Gordon Sumner. You may know him better as Sting! My favorite Sting songs are the ones he wrote & performed with The Police and there are a few potential Halloween candidates including "Spirits In The Material World" & "Invisible Sun" from their 1981 "Ghost In The Machine" album and "Bring On The Night" from the 1979 LP, "Regatta De Blanc." There's even a very appropriate track from Sting's 1985 solo debut, "The Dream Of The Blue Turtles," but I think I'm going to hold onto that one for a bit as it has a tie-in to a very big October birthday just around the corner.

So with that said we turn to the final studio-album from The Police: 1983's "Synchronicity." My Dad brought me home a British cassette-release of this album upon returning from a trip to Scotland (where he was testing-out new sonar equipment he had designed on Loch Ness.) There are few possibilities here, including the mysterious & ethereal "Tea In The Sahara" (one of my favorites from the album,) "Synchronicity II" with its references to the Loch Ness Monster, and of course there's

"Murder By Numbers," the curious bonus track that was the B-side of the 7-inch vinyl single of "Every Breath You Take." It was also available on cassette (and later CD) versions of the "Synchronicity" album.

Scylla & Charybdis from Homer's "The Odyssey"

But let's stay away from murder for today and go with "Wrapped Around Your Finger." Featuring lyrical mentions of the six-headed sea monster Scylla and the deadly whirlpool Charybdis from Homer's "The Odyssey" and a demon from German folklore named Mephistopheles, this track seems to fit the bill for a rainy October Tuesday here in New England and it's just been added to the 31-Days Of Halloween playlist. Happy listening!

- Kristen





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