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Welcome to Thursday. It's a somewhat damp gray day here in the Boston area... A perfect day to listen to some music! Today marks the 38th anniversary of The Soft Boys 2nd full-length album, "Underwater Moonlight," which was released on 6/28/1980.

The Soft Boys were formed in 1976 by eccentric singer/songwriter guitarist Robyn Hitchcock. I became a big fan of Robyn upon first hearing his music in college, because he reminded me of Syd Barrett. As it turns out Syd was one of his influences.

The Soft Boys played a form of psychedelic rock/"folk-metal" (in Hitchcock's words) that wasn't always polished and wasn't always welcomed across England during a time when much of the public was embracing punk rock. Talking about some of the earlier shows in their existence, Hitchcock reports, "After a gig in Sheffield one person clapped and one person told us to fuck off." ​

Things would eventually improve, though.

Following on the heels of their debut LP, "Can Of Bees," "Underwater Moonlight" was not a commercial success in Britain, but it sold a number of export copies to the United States and won some very high marks from the critics. The album would eventually be regarded as a psychedelic classic that started a resurgence in the genre and also had an influence on a number of young artists like R.E.M.

The Soft Boys disbanded shortly after the release of "Underwater Moonlight," with Robyn Hitchcock moving on to a prolific solo career and guitarist Kimberley Rew forming Katrina & The Waves. Let's celebrate the anniversary of The Soft Boys sophomore release with the second track off the record, "Kingdom Of Love." It's just been added to the Mixed-Up Memories playlist. Happy listening!


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