Knock Knock: New Music! 6/29/2018

Hello there, it's Kristen! Good to see you again. I'm really excited about some new music I want to share with you from LUMP. LUMP is a collaboration between folk singer/songwriter Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay.

Lindsay is an electronic producer & songwriter and is best known as the co-founder of the band Tuung. Tuung is considered to be a pioneer in the newer genre of "folktronica." They have a new album of their own coming out in August.

Marling is coming off her highly acclaimed 2017 album, "Semper Femina." She met Lindsay at a Neil Young show and eventually the two decided to try working together on some new material.

Lindsay creates what he describes as "Strange wonky music," that provides Marling opportunity and inspiration to take her singing into some unfamiliar territory compared to her last album. In writing the lyrics she says she was inspired in part by 20th century surrealism and Edward Lear. Themes range from lucid dreaming to contemporary life and

questions whether social media has turned our lives into empty commodities. Some deep stuff, but a wonderful listen!

The name LUMP was reportedly chosen by Marling's Goddaughter and is also the name of an orange Sasquatch-like creature that dances around in some of their videos. LUMP's self-titled debut release is out now and this is one of my favorite tracks off the album. It's called "Rolling Thunder" and it's just been added to the Knock Knock: New Music playlist. Happy listening!

- Kristen

Kristen Eck in Knock Knock: New Music! 6/30/2018

LUMP on Knock Knock: New Music with Kristen Eck 6/30/2018

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