MiXeD-uP MeMoRiEs: 6/24/2018

Happy Sunday Funday to you! Sunday is often a musically adventurous day for me. The mood I'm in when I sit down with my first coffee sets me off in one direction, but there's no telling where I might end-up later in the afternoon. This morning finds me in a progressive-rock frame of mind.

While I do enjoy prog-rock giants like King Crimson, Yes, and early Genesis I was in the mood this morning for something a little harder and whadya know? There's an album with anniversary today that fits the bill perfectly!

It was 15-years ago today on 6/24/2003 that El Paso, Texas prog-rock powerhouse The Mars Volta released their debut LP, "Deloused In The Comatorium." The Mars Volta was the creation of former At The Drive-In members Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. The original line-up also included Jeremy Michael Ward on loops & effects, Isaiah Owens on keyboards, Eva Gardiner on bass, and John Theodore on drums.

Following the release of their 2002 EP, "Tremulant," Gardiner left the band and was replaced in the recording-studio for the "Deloused In The Comatorium" sessions by Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, Flea (though he would not officially join the band.)

Swirling through a whirlpool of darkness, this sonically dense record features furious and frenzied guitar work as the songs relentlessly shift-gears in and out of an imaginary cosmic passing lane. Bixler-Zavala's haunting falsetto vocals ring-out over the pandemonium, which for me as a huge fan of vocals (and being able to hear them) is part of why I love this band.

"Deloused In The Comatorium" was released to very positive reviews and would go on to sell over 500,000 copies, climbing to #39 on the Billboard-200 album chart. I initially thought I'd be sharing one of the singles, "Inertiatic ESP" with you this morning, but as I've gotten lost in the record again with my coffee, I've decided, "What the heck? It's Sunday!" With that said I present the track, "Cicatriz ESP" for your musical exploration. Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante adds additional guitar work and synthesizer work to this epic piece. A mind-blowing listen through a good set of headphones (I'm using Sennhesier HD-202's this morning, while waiting to get another pair of HD-280's,) it's just been added to the Mixed-Up Memories playlist. Happy listening!

- Kristen

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