Knock Knock: New Music! 6/22/2018

Hi there, it's Kristen back with another great tune to share with you! As the Summer weather seems to be finally settling-in, I've been slacking a bit around here, as I've been lured-into the outdoors. Once the ocean warms up a bit more, I'll really have to dicispline myself!

This next song is one I've been sitting-on all Spring waiting to learn a little more about the artist. Their name is Invisible Minds. It's an anonymous solo project based out of London. What I can learn from the Facebook page is that it seems to be a he. He states that he has been creating and releasing music for years under various names. It seems being a music producer pays some of the bills on an everyday basis.

We also learn from his Facebook page that Bjork is a huge influence and on April 5th he announced Invisible Minds has been signed by Moshi Moshi Records.

About being anonymous he explains: "Sometimes I think having little or no information on an artist would encourage people to focus more on the music, and not on the artists' image." In a more recent post this month, though, he seems to be thinking about revealing himself.

Will he do just that or stay in the shadows? Who knows. But I know it's time for me to share this beautiful song that I've been mesmerized with for the past couple months. It's a downtempo track laced with an array of xylophones, marimbas, and glockenspiels. Guest vocalist Howard Hobbs spirits us off to a window to view a sad encounter with an ex-lover. The song is titled, "The Cut Girl" and it's just been added to the Knock Knock: New Music playlist. Happy listening!

- Kristen

Kristen Eck in Knock Knock New Music! 6/22/2018

Invisible Minds in Knock Knock New Music! 6/22/2018

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