MiXeD-uP MeMoRiEs: 6/9/2018

Hello there! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I've got another great tune for you to remember. This time from Catherine Wheel. They were a four-piece band out of Great Yarmouth, England. They got together in 1990. Lead singer & guitarist Rob Dickinson is a cousin of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson. Early in their career Catherine Wheel was often thought of as part of the "Shoegazing" scene.

"Shoegaze" was a sub-genre of alternative rock, that often featured obscured vocals, feedback, and lots of guitar-pedals, creating a giant wave of distortion. The band would eventually shift away from that formula as they caught-on with audiences looking for hard rock and metal here in America.

"Ferment" was the debut LP from Catherine Wheel. It came out 26-years-ago today on June 9th, 1992. I was still in my first run on Cape Cod Community College radio station WKKL at the time and I nearly wore-a-hole through the vinyl on this epic track. It's called "Black Metallic" and it's just been added to the Mixed-Up Memories playlist. Happy listening!

- Kristen

Kristen Eck in Mixed-Up Memories 6/9/2018

Catherine Wheel in Mixed-Up Memories: 6/9/2018

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