MiXeD-uP MeMoRiEs: 6/8/2018

Hello again! Time for more of my Mixed-Up Memories... Lots of great albums came out in the month of June, including no less than three records from Radiohead! We're still about a week away from the anniversary of "OK Computer," but before that we have "Amnesiac" and "Hail To The Thief."

"Amnesiac" was the band's 5th LP. It came out on June 5th, 2001. Recorded in the same sessions as their "Kid A" album, it is one of the band's most experimental and electronic records. The band insists it was not a B-sides release for "Kid A," but rather a complimentary offering. They had considered releasing both as one double-album, but feared all of it together would be too "dense."

Let's go with the lead-single, "Pyramid Song." Inspired by the Charles Mingus track, "Freedom," it features a classical-sounding piano carrying the main chords, backed by an eerie string-arrangement, set over some odd rhythmic-timing. I LOVE stuff like this!

The album, “Hail To The Thief” followed two years later. It celebrates its 15th-anniversary on Saturday, June 9th. The returning flow of guitars to the music is noticeable as this record edges its way out of the experimental haze of “Kid A” and “Amnesiac.” Let’s have a listen to one of my favorite tracks: “There There.” It’s just been added to the Mixed-Up Memories playlist.

Comments? Questions? I'd love to hear them! Email your thoughts to comments@kristeneckradio.com. Happy listening!

- Kristen

Kristen Eck in Mixed-Up Memories: 6/8/2018

Radiohead in Mixed-Up Memories 6-8-2018

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