MiXeD-uP MeMoRiEs: 5/23/2018

Hello there! I'm so happy you're back for a visit. Memorial Day weekend is almost here, so we need some more fun tunes to throw on the Mixed-Up Memories playlist. It was in the waning days of May in 1994, when the Beastie Boys released their fourth studio album, "Ill Communication." Can you believe it's going to be 25-years-old next year?!

This record was jam-packed with hip hop, punk, rock, jazz, and funk. Everything but the kitchen sink. Influences came from every direction. While recording the album the boys were said to be listening to a couple Miles Davis records, including his 1972 release, "On The Corner."

So many good tracks on "Ill Communication..." "Sure Shot," "Root Down," "Get It Together," and then there's that first time you hear, "If this is gonna to be that kind a party then..." Don't finish that, at least not in polite company!

Lots of great choices here, but I'm in the mood for something big and loud, so I'm going with the monster track off this record, "Sabotage." It's just been added to my Mixed-Up Memories. Happy listening!


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