MiXeD-uP MeMoRiEs: 5/17/2018

Hello and welcome to my MiXeD-uP MeMoRiEs! This is the first look at the new way I'm sharing songs from the past with you. It could be in-person like this or in a written blog entry or even in a quick social media post. In any of those cases a new track gets added to the month's MiXeD-uP MeMoRiEs playlist on YouTube and Spotify. At the start of each month we begin a new playlist. It's kinda like making a mix-tape. We fill-it-up with tunes and start another one.

Last week's final edition of Fun-4-Friday gave us the first four songs of the playlist. Today I'm adding a music giant, who just had a birthday this week. English experimental artist Brian Eno turned 70 on Tuesday. Eno has had a fascinating career split between being a creator, performer,and producer.

He was a founding member of Roxy Music in the early 70's. He has collaborated with David Bowie, Robert Fripp, Talking Heads, and many others. He's also known as the producer for numerous artists including Coldplay, Devo, and most notably U2.

Along the way he's released a really interesting string of solo albums that set-off many times into uncharted musical territory.

Let's journey back to 1974 and his second solo LP release "Here Come The Warm Jets" for a tune called "Baby's On Fire." It's just been added to the Mixed-Up Memories playlist for May. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Email your thoughts to comments@kristeneckradio.com. Happy listening!

YouTube Playlist HERE

- Kristen

Brian Eno on Mixed-Up Memories: 5/17/2018

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