Fun-4-Friday: 5/11/2018

Hello again and welcome to Fun-4-Friday! I hope you've enjoyed this feature since I first rolled-it-out in February. Putting these weekly episodes together has been fun and an opportunity for me to rediscover some artists from the past that I thought I knew everything about. As it turns out, there's always something new to learn! With that said, I am announcing that this is the final episode of Fun-4-Friday.

I have been recently evaluating the entire "I Listen with Kristen" website and looking for ways to improve your experience as a fellow listener. In talking with folks and reading feedback, it became clear that the retro-tunes I normally feature on Fun-4-Friday are very popular. That's not surprising as we all love good memories and music is a big way that we connect with our past and recall different experiences in our lives. So why limit that to JUST Fridays?

From this point forward, songs from the past can and will pop-up at random times on any given day of the week. As I share a tune & its story, it will be added to an ongoing YouTube & Spotify playlist for the current month. Each month's playlists will be archived, so you can come back and visit them throughout the year. Instead of waiting until Friday every week to see what I've selected for fun songs from the past, you'll be able to see and hear new selections on multiple days. Sound exciting? I hope so!

Moving forward, there may be times when a song on the YouTube version of the playlist is an audio-only track. I've talked with a number of folks from different age groups and I've gotten the idea that music videos don't excite people (even people my age ,who were the first to see MTV) the way they used to. We've reached a point, where the music seems to be the most important thing. Thank goodness for that! But I do still love a really well thought-out video or great live recording.

I'm still working on name-ideas for the playlists, but for now, we'll call the first monthly playlist "May Memories 2018." I know, I know... Not very imaginative. I promise to come up with something that will make your eyes roll soon. In the meantime the final four songs of Fun-4-Friday will be the first four songs on the May Memories playlist:

G. Love & Special Sauce - Cold Beverage

From their self-titled debut album released on May 10th, 1994. Originally from Philadelphia, they started playing together in Boston in 1993 and were the house band at The Plough & Stars in Cambridge before this tune got heavy airplay on MTV.

The New York Dolls - (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown

Off their second LP, "Too Much Too Soon," which dropped 44-years ago on May 10th, 1974! Cited by many critics as forerunners of bigger punk rock & glam rock acts to follow, this noisy, hard-drinking, make-up wearing band left their own unique mark on the music world. "Too Much Too Soon" and the Doll's self-titled debut album went on to become cult-classics in Rock.

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

From their second LP, "Demon Days," released on May 11th, 2005. This is one of my favorite records and I'm happy to report it has been recently re-issued on vinyl. The album went double-Platinum in America, reaching #6 on the U.S. album charts, while "Feel Good Inc," featuring De La Soul climbed to #14 on the Billboard Hot-100. The video features some of my favorite work from animator, Jamie Hewlett!

Tracy Bonham - Mother Mother

Boston's own Tracy Bonham wraps-up the Fun-4-Friday series with a timely tune for upcoming Mother's Day celebrations on Sunday. Her Grammy-nominated 1996 debut album, "The Burdens Of Being Upright" was recorded at Fort Apache Studio in Cambridge, MA. The LP went Gold, while the single, "Mother Mother" received heavy airplay and a Grammy nomination of its own. It was also played hundreds of times (very loudly) in my car.

So ends Fun-4-Friday and so begins a new way of enjoying some of our favorite songs from the past! Thoughts ? Comments? I'd love to hear them. Email your musings to Have a great weekend! Happy Mother's Day! See you again soon.


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