Knock Knock: New Music! 4/23/2018

Hello and welcome to another edition of Knock Knock: New Music! I'm your host, Kristen Eck. Record Store Day was Saturday and I had a great time visiting one of my my favorite old haunts: Spinnaker Records in Hyannis. I got a hold of the new Florence + The Machine single I was talking about last week and the double-picture-disc repressing of The Cure’s 1990 “Mixed Up” album.

My first artist this week is Bodega. They're a five-piece post-punk band out of Brooklyn, New York. They've been together in this lineup since 2016, when they reformed an earlier roster called Bodega Bay. Their sound is minimalist & Lo-Fi. Lead vocals from Ben Hozie are often a form of speak-singing and they're not shy about their social beliefs. They're not big fans of consumerism or $9-slushies and they have a clever way of telling you that. This is such a NOT-perfect artist to feature after talking about blowing a bunch of money at Record Store Day... They probably hate this, but that's okay. I like them.

Bodega is currently on a tour of the U.S. and Europe that saw them play five shows with Franz Ferdinand. NME declared them the best band to appear anywhere at this year's SXSW music festival. "Endless Scroll" is the debut LP from Bodega. It comes out on June 1st. Have a look at their virtual-reality video for their latest single, "How Did This Happen?" Use the graphic-controls in the upper left hand corner of the video to pan left & right across the stage.

My second artist on this week on Knock Knock: New Music is Pip Blom. 21-years-old and from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, she comes from a musical family. Her Dad played in a band and her Mom ran sound for it. Pip puts the TV on and fiddles-around with her guitar until she plays something that catches her attention. Then the TV goes-off and the songwriting process begins.

She released four singles in 2016, followed by her first EP, "Are We There Yet?" In an interview with Wonderland Magazine, she indicated a new EP is being put-together for 2018. What we have in the meantime is a single that actually first appeared on Bandcamp last year. It's a tune called "I Think I'm In Love."

In this day and age, the world of indie-rock involves a lot of "D-I-Y:" Do it yourself. That means without as many record labels to sign-up promising young talent, many great new artists record their songs, EP's, and albums on their own and are left to promote themselves as well. Sometimes it takes awhile to get yourself on someone's radar.

I totally get-that, as this operation is Do-It-Yourself. I don't have a stream of promotional releases from the music-industry pouring-into my headquarters here in Beverly. I have to go out and search for new stuff on my own. So that said, Pip Blom finally found her way onto my radar when she recently released a music video for "I Think I'm In Love." Let's not waste any more time in getting this song to you!

That's this week's edition of Knock Knock: New Music! If you like what's going-on here tell your friends about it and put my website at on your list of favorites. If you have any comments or suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Send your thoughts to Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy listening!

- Kristen

Kristen Eck in Knock Knock: New Music! 4/23/2018

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