Fun-4-Friday: 4/20/2018

Hello again, I'm Kristen Eck and welcome to for Fun-4-Friday!

Obviously tomorrow is Saturday. But it's not just any Saturday, it's Record Store Day! Celebrated in the U.S. and 10 other countries on the third Saturday in April, this holiday celebrates the independent record store. It was first conceived in 2007. 2018 is the 10th year there have been special releases made for the day.

Do you know what the world's first record store was? It was a little shop called Spiller's Records opened by Henry Spiller in Cardiff, Wales in 1894. The store sold phonographs and shellac 78's.

It's still there in Cardiff today!

Spillers Records in Cardiff, Wales, the world's oldest record store.

My favorite record store, growing up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts was Spinnaker Records in Hyannis. I purchased my first Pink Floyd album ("Saucerful Of Secrets") from Spinnaker's and when I got my first CD-player, I was back to make "Saucerful Of Secrets" my first compact disc. There were many many visits in-between.

I've been combing-thru the release-list for Record Store Day 2018 and there are some interesting items for sure. First and foremost for me is the Florence + The Machine single, "Sky Full Of Song," as featured last Monday on Knock Knock: New Music! That comes out on special-edition 7-inch vinyl on Saturday.

Spinnaker Records in Hyannis, MA

Some other items of interest include a vinyl-release of Arcade Fire's first EP, Carseat Headrest's newly re-imagined "Twin Fantasy (Mirror To Mirror)" on vinyl, and a 7-inch colored-vinyl release of The Vapors' 1980 hit song, "Turning Japanese." There are no less than four David Bowie items being released for you mega-fans to deliberate-over. Click HERE to see the full listing on the Record Store Day official website.

Another item I'll have my sights set-on is a remastered deluxe-edition of The Cure's 1990 "Mixed Up" album. It will be available as a double-LP vinyl picture-disc-set with 12-tracks. "Mixed Up" was a collection of extended-remixes of popular songs from the band. I have an original CD- release of the album from 1990, which is missing the track, "Why Can't I Be You?" That will be on the new vinyl release.

If that wasn't enough The Cure will also release "Mixed Up: Torn Down..." A sequel to the first release with 16-newly remixed songs on picture-disc-vinyl.

Robert Smith has been systematically going thru The Cure catalog remastering each of the albums. That means the "Wish" LP is up next. That was released this week on April 21st, 1992. Know what else April 21st is? It's Robert Smith's birthday! He turns 59 on Saturday, which is also... Wait for it... Record Store Day! But all of that's on Saturday. Today is Friday. What to do... I guess we'll just have to play the second single off of "Wish:" "Friday I'm In Love."

Legendary Boston band Pixies released their second album, "Doolittle" 29-years-ago on April 18th, 1989. It was instantly an essential alternative rock album and one I played the hell-out-of on college radio. Let's crank-up a LIVE performance of my favorite Pixies tune, "Monkey Gone To Heaven."

To anyone who went to to high school in the mid to late 80's, the name Beastie Boys was synonymous with fighting for your right to party, but if you kept listening beyond their fun 1986 debut LP, "License To Ill," you were in for a treat as Adam Yauch, Michael Diamond, and Adam Horovitz transformed themselves into darlings of the the alternative rock world. Their third album, "Check Your Head," was released this week on April 21st, 1992. This is a favorite tune of mine to blast in the car: "So What Cha Want."

Synth-pop duo Erasure has an album marking a 30th Anniversary this week. Their third LP, “The Innocents” dropped on April 18th, 1988. The album went to #1 on the British charts and became their breakthrough record here in America. Let’s celebrate that with "A Little Respect.”

That's Fun-4-Friday! I hope you had fun and I hope you get a chance to go at and visit your favorite independent record store, not only tomorrow, but all year long. If you like what's going on here, tell your friends about it and follow me on Twitter. Comments? Suggestions? I'd love to hear them. Send your thoughts to Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit! Happy listening!

- Kristen

Kristen Eck in Fun-4-Friday: 4/20/2018

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