FUN-4-FRIDAY: 4/6/2018

Hello everyone and welcome to Fun-4-Friday! I'm your host Kristen Eck. I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to Gorillaz & Tank Girl illustrator, Jamie Hewlett. He turned 50 this past Tuesday.

From the historical files, April 3rd, 1980 was an eventful day for Pretenders lead vocalist

Chrissie Hynde. She was arrested following a fracas at bar in Memphis. She ended-up kicking out the window of the police cruiser she had been stuffed-into, but somehow was free by the next day in time to make The Pretenders' next gig. They were touring in support of their self-titled debut album, so let's have a tune from that and let's make it a rowdy one: "Tattooed Love Boys."

Los Angeles band, School Of Fish appeared on the alternative rock radar on April 1st, 1991 with their eponymous debut album. It spawned an alternative radio hit with the song, "Three Strange Days." Let's have a look back at the official music video.

Today we find ourselves with a trio of news items involving the band Tool. I am suddenly feeling very old in telling you this, but Tool's debut album, "Undertow" turned 25-years-old today, April 6th. They would go on to release three more albums, as they established themselves as one of the heaviest acts in progressive rock. We haven't heard much from them since their "10,000 Days" LP in 2006, but that is seemingly about to change. Word of a new album has been percolating in the past couple months. That has been confirmed by lead singer, Maynard James Keenan. Then... This past Monday, photos surfaced of the band in the studio recording. You can see them for yourself over on Consequence Of Sound's website.

If that wasn't enough you Maynard fans out there, he has completed a new album with his other band, A Perfect Circle. "Eat The Elephant" is their fourth LP and the first since 2004's "Emotive." It drops two weeks from now on April 20th.

So how do we celebrate all of this Maynard & Tool news? Let's go back to the beginning and the album that celebrates its 25th anniversary today. I think I first saw this on both MTV's 120-minutes and Headbanger's Ball... Let's relive the epic stop-motion animation video for "Sober."

Speaking of anniversaries, we have another one this week involving The White Stripes. Get ready to feel old again: Their fourth LP release, "Elephant" came out April 1st, 2003. It is 15-years-old! Crazy. This highly acclaimed record went platinum, produced two Grammy awards, and was named album of the year by New Music Express (NME.) One of those Grammy's went to the album's lead single, "Seven Nation Army," but let's take a detour and check-out the video for the third single, "The Hardest Button To Button."

Don't forget, Jack White's new solo album, "Boarding House Reach" is out now. I'm still in the middle of spinning that one. It's definitely different, but well worth a listen if you don't mind wandering-off the beaten path every now and then. I'll have more on the new record soon.

That's Fun-4-Friday! If you had fun, tell your friends about it and put my website at on your list of favorites. Thank you as always, for stopping by for a visit.

Happy Listening!

- Kristen

Kristen Eck in Fun-4-Friday: 4/6/2018

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