Knock Knock: New Music! 4/2/2018

Hi there! I'm Kristen Eck... Welcome to another edition of Knock Knock: New Music! We are officially into the month of April and have some exciting things to look forward to this month, including Record Store Day, which falls on Saturday April 21st.

We have album releases to look forward to from Goat Girl, Kimbra, and Speedy Ortiz (who we talked about last week.) Stay-tuned for more about other upcoming LP's this month from Eels, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Lord Huron, Bishop Briggs, Thievery Corporation, and much more.

I had a great time-out last Thursday night as I headed-down to Cambridge and checked-out

club Sonia, the newly renovated music-venue, in the home of the former TT the Bear's place.

I was there to see a band I've been following since 2016: Lo Moon. They're out of Los Angeles, featuring Matthew Lowell on lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards; Crisanta Baker on bass & keyboards; and Sam Stewart on guitar & synthesizer. Sam is the son of Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics.

They first appeared in September of 2016 with one song: An epic slow-burning 7-minute track named, "Loveless." I was immediately hooked. I needed to hear more, but it was going to be a little while before we heard more from this Los Angeles outfit.

I had a chance to meet and chat briefly with bassist/keyboardist, Chrisanta Baker, who told me about how the band set-out on a year of touring after the release of "Loveless" to get a better feel of what they were all about as they continued the songwriting process. By May of 2017 a second song, "This Is It" appeared, followed by "Thorns" in October. Soon after it was learned that a full album was looming in the near future.

Lo Moon's self-titled debut LP was released February 23rd on Columbia Records. If you buy it on vinyl it's a two-record release, in two different colors ! They put on fantastic show Thursday night at club Sonia and I was very happy to have seen them. Let's check-out their fourth music video for a tune called, "Real Love."

My second artist is one that will be difficult to forget. Cosmo Sheldrake is a 28-year-old composer, producer, and songwriter from London. He has no formal training in music, nor is he able to read or write music, yet he has taught himself to play upwards of 30 different instruments. He released his first single, "The Moss" in 2014, followed by his first EP

"Pelican We" in 2015. He has played live opening for Sylvan Esso and Bombay Bicycle Club.

Cosmo uses a combination of sampling and looping to create his songs, which also heavily feature field-recordings he's made of the outdoors and nature. His website states that much of his work has to do with play and nonsense. Many of his lyrics are inspired by the writings of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear.

Some have written that Cosmo sees, hears, and writes from within a childlike curiosity. To be honest, the first time I heard this next song, I sat transfixed & spellbound staring at my

giant old Technics floor-speakers... I was suddenly a wide-eyed kid hearing something weird and wonderful for the first time.

Cosmo Sheldrake's full-length LP, "The Much Much How How and I" comes out this Friday, April 6th. Come along now and have a look at the music video for his tune, "Wriggle."

That's this week's edition of Knock Knock: New Music! If you like what's happening here, tell your friends about it and come back & visit again soon. Thanks for stopping-by weary traveler. Happy listening !

- Kristen

Kristen Eck in Knock knock: New Music! 4/2/2018

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